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The following table shows the current National Lottery scratchcards that are still current and in circulation (subject to availability). Data is taken directly from National Lottery’s website, and is as up to date as provided by them.

Click on any game name to learn more information about each game:

£100 Loaded (2023) Scratchcard1390£100557
£100,000 A Month For A Year Scratchcard1375£1,200,0003
£100,000 Red (2023) Scratchcard1377£100,0003
£100,000 Teal Scratchcard1384£100,0004
12 Pays of Christmas (2023) Scratchcard1383£1,200,0001
£250,000 Gold (2023) Scratchcard1378£250,0002
£250,000 Orange1403£250,0007
£2 Million Black*** (2023) Scratchcard1382£2,000,0000
3 In 1 (2023) Scratchcard1364£1,000,0001
5 Years For You1391£300,0004
5 Years For You Deluxe1405£1,200,0004
£500 Loaded1406£5008444
£50 Million Cash Showdown (2023) Scratchcard1396£1,000,0002
Bingo Crazy Scratchcard1381£300,0001
Black Pearl Scratchcard1392£2,000,0002
Blazin 7s Scratchcard1394£7,0003
Cash Vault Jewels Scratchcard1393£10,0004
Cashword Blocks Scratchcard1367£300,0002
Coffee Break Scratchcard1408£50,0003
Cosmic Cash Scratchcard1358£5,0002
Cube Smash Scratchcard1395£1,000,0001
Dice Towers Scratchcard1376£1,000,0001
Festive Fortune (2023) Scratchcard1386£300,0001
Full Of £500s1380£500331
Gem Smash Scratchcard1336£10,0002
Gold 7s (2023) Scratchcard **1348£100,0001
Good Luck1407£10,0005
Holiday Cash (2023) Scratchcard1399£300,0001
Jewel Bingo1397£300,0003
Jolly 7s (2023) Scratchcard1385£100,0001
Lucky Bonus Scratchcard1388£300,0001
Lucky Drop (2023) Scratchcard1379£50,0001
Luxury Lines Deluxe1404£300,0004
Maze of Fortune Scratchcard1389£300,0002
Mega Multiplier (2023) Scratchcard***1360£300,0000
Mega Multiplier1409£1,000,0004
Merry Millionaire (2023) Scratchcard***1387£1,000,0000
Money Tree Multiplier Scratchcard1370£10,0000
Neon 9s1410£9,0005
Pick ‘N’ Pairs Scratchcard1400£1003243
Snack Stack Scratchcard1402£1,000,0004
Super 7s (2024) Scratchcard1401£300,0004
Tropical Lines Scratchcard1398£50,0005
Top Dog Scratchcard1365£80,0001
Triple Cashword Pink Scratchcard1372£300,0002

Table Notes:

** An additional batch of tickets has been printed to meet demand. Additional prizes including top prizes are now available to be won.

*** The last top prize has been claimed. No new packs of these Scratchcards can be put on sale – only Scratchcards that are already on display can be sold.

Expiring Prizes (Game Closures)

This is the list of National Lottery scratchcards that have recently closed, with the corresponding last date to claim any prizes:

Black & Gold Scratchcard133129/01/2427/07/24
£100,000 Tripler Purple Scratchcard133429/01/2427/07/24
Hot Money (2023) Scratchcard133729/01/2427/07/24
Get Fruity Scratchcard134229/01/2427/07/24
Bank The Cash Scratchcard134629/01/2427/07/24
£250,000 Orange (2022) Scratchcard134729/01/2427/07/24
Cashword Extra Scratchcard134929/01/2427/07/24
100X (2023) Scratchcard135329/01/2427/07/24
£120,000 Richer (2023) Scratchcard135429/01/2427/07/24
£100,000 Green Doubler Scratchcard135729/01/2427/07/24
Golden Fortune Scratchcard135929/01/2427/07/24
£100 Multiplier (2023) Scratchcard136129/01/2427/07/24
Sapphire Multiplier Scratchcard136229/01/2427/07/24
Jungle Jackpot Scratchcard136329/01/2427/07/24
Bingo Bonus (2023) Scratchcard136629/01/2427/07/24
Millionaire 777 (2023) Scratchcard136829/01/2427/07/24
Millionaire Maker (2023) Scratchcard136929/01/2427/07/24
£500,000 Pink Multiplier Scratchcard137129/01/2427/07/24
Full of £1000s (2023) Scratchcard137329/01/2427/07/24

National Lottery Scratchcards: Monthly Releases

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