A lot of new scratchcards that are released are often reincarnations of previous games.

​Sometimes they are just a different colour with different jackpot prizes, but sometimes they slightly change how you can win.

An example of this, is the new Cashword Bonus scratchcard which was released in July 2018.

We have seen a few comments on our facebook page from our fans who have been confused with how exactly you play in regards to the main gameplay area and the bonus game.

​Let us show you the correct way to play this scratchcard:


Cashword Bonus Yellow Scratchcard Prizes

Before we start, let’s explain how you win.

Simply reveal your letters at the top of the scratchcard, and scratch off the letters in the two gameplay areas.

​If you reveal all 5 letters in the bonus area, you win the designated prize, and the number of words you match in the main gameplay area indicates what prize, if any, you win.

It is possible to win BOTH the bonus and main game. The available prizes are shown below, in data published by The National Lottery:

cashword bonus yellow prizes screenshot

Therefore, it is possible to win £6, £10, £20 and £40 by winning on both games.

At this point, we must reiterate that you DO NOT necessarily get all the vowels, unless you reveal them. Previous versions of this game would give you all the vowels, so check your letters before you scratch them!

cashword bonus yellow scratchcard unscratchcard
cashword bonus yellow scratched scratchcard

So, from this scratchcard we purchased, we only got the vowels A, I and O.

This means we didn’t reveal the bonus word because we were missing the E and U, and we also required E for most of the words in the main gameplay area.We hope this now explains the correct way to play this game. If you have any questions, please contact us on facebookInstagram or send an email to us at hello@scratchcard-winners.co.uk