The Cash Bolt scratchcard was a new game released by National Lottery in February 2020.

It follows the traditional £3 style game that we’ve seen with previous games such as Winter Wonderlines and Gold Fever scratchcards.

cash bolt scratchcard

The gameplay is fairly simple, but it can easy to make mistakes. Let’s go through the scratchcard with a step-by-step guide on how to play this scratchcard correctly.

Step 1

Reveal the symbols on the right hand side of the scratchcard.

There are a total of 18 symbols that you must reveal. Sometimes the symbols don’t correctly line up with how they have been printed, so make sure to scratch off the whole area to be sure.

cash bolt scratchcard symbols

Step 2

One by one, scratch off each symbol from the ‘your symbols’ on the right hand side if you see it on either the top or bottom grid. If your symbol appears in both grids, make sure to scratch both off.

cash bolt scratchcard symbol match up

Step 3

Repeat the above process for ALL 18 symbols.

Each symbol should appear at least once in either the top or bottom grid, but will appear no more than twice.

As some symbols look quite similar, make sure to scratch off the correct symbol for each. In the right hand side panel, the name of each symbol is also labelled to help you scratch off the correct symbol.

Step 4

Once you have scratched off all the symbols, you should be able to tell if you have won or not.

If you have one (or more) lines, horizontally or vertically, then you have won. You can get up to a maximum of six lines per scratchcard, but no more!

If you have a complete line, reveal the prize value at the end of each line. The total prize amount should be equal to one of the values on the back of the scratchcard!

cash bolt scratchcard winning line example

Additional Help

If you have scratched off the wrong symbol by accident, you can use a pen to cross out the symbols and ‘start again’. However, be really careful not to deface the scratchcard too much, otherwise you might not be able to cash it in.

If you are still unsure whether you have won or not, you can contact us via our ‘check my scratchcard‘ page, or simply go into a shop and ask them to scan the scratchcard for you.

Additional details on how to play this scratchcard are found on the back of the scratchcard:

cash bolt scratchcard reverse

But if you need even more information, check out the Cash Bolt scratchcard official rules on the National Lottery scratchcard page.