Check out the latest €5 Irish National Lottery Scratchcard – Merry Money (2021) – with information including how to play, prizes and game closure dates

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Merry Money 2021 Scratchcard Game Information

Scratchcard Name: Merry Money 2021 Scratchcard
Scratchcard Number: 
Country: Ireland
Jackpot Prize: €20,000
Number of Top Prizes: 
Related Scratchcards: N/A
Other Prizes: €5, €10, €25, €50, €100, €500 & €1,000
Odds of Winning: 
1 in 2.88
Prize Payout: 69.70%
Final Sale Date: 4th January 2022
Final Claim Date: 4th April 2022
Total Number of Winning Scratchcards: 242,837
Total Number of Scratchcards in Circulation: 

How to Play Merry Money 2021 Scratchcard

In GAME 1, reveal a cash amount to win that prize.

In GAME 2, match any of the WINNING SYMBOLS to one or more of YOUR SYMBOLS to win the amount shown.

In GAME 3, match two amounts to win that cash prize.

Merry Money 2021 Scratchcard Expiry & Last Claim Date

The last sale date for this scratchcard is 4th January 2022, and all prizes must be claimed by 4th April 2022 after which point no further prizes will be paid out!

Want to Check Your Merry Money 2021 Scratchcard?

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