Check out the latest €2 Irish National Lottery Scratchcard – Money Multiplier 5X – with information including how to play, prizes and game closure dates

money multiplier 5X scratchcard front

Money Multiplier 5X Scratchcard Game Information

Scratchcard Name: Money Multiplier 5X Scratchcard
Scratchcard Number: 
Country: Ireland
Jackpot Prize: €20,000
Number of Top Prizes: 
Related Scratchcards: N/A
Other Prizes: €2, €4, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200, €500, €1,000 & €5,000
Odds of Winning: 
1 in 4.32
Prize Payout: 63.00%
Final Sale Date: TBC
Final Claim Date: TBC
Total Number of Winning Scratchcards: 1,158,305
Total Number of Scratchcards in Circulation: 

How to Play Money Multiplier 5X Scratchcard

To play, reveal the two WINNING NUMBERS at the top of the scratchcard. Proceed to scratch off the five numbers marked YOUR NUMBERS. If you match one or more of YOUR NUMBERS with the WINNING NUMBERS, then you win the prize shown.

Reveal a 5X symbol to win five times the prize shown.

Players can win up to five times per scratchcard!

Money Multiplier 5X Scratchcard Expiry & Last Claim Date

At the time of writing, there is no information regarding the final sale date, or the final claim date. This information is likely to be update on the game page in future, or reflected in this table of Irish Lottery game end annoncements.

Want to Check Your Money Multiplier 5X Scratchcard?

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