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Ever since National Lottery decided to stop selling £10 scratchcards in mid-2019, the £5 scratchcards have held the crown as the most expensive scratchcard.

£5 scratchcards are a significantly higher investment than other scratchcards, but they also offer players the chance to win the biggest scratchcard prizes on offer.

The highest cash prize you will find on a £5 scratchcard is £2 million and it is most common to see jackpots of £1 million available on other £5 games.

In recent years, one £5 scratchcard has given players more chance than ever of becoming a jackpot winner – on any of the scratchcards such as the Fruity £500s (or similar) games. The idea being that the total jackpot prizes are split between more players, hence a lower prize.

In early 2021, National Lottery took this concept one step further; offering a maximum prize of just £50 on a £5 scratchcard.

A lot of fans on our social media accounts were not in favour of the new release, but this new scratchcard is now the scratchcard with the most scratchcard jackpot prizes ever!

Below, we check out some of the different scratchcard games that are generally available at £5 before discussing some of the best online scratchcards you can try:

Fruity £500s

Let’s start off with the Fruity £500s, one of the scratchcards we covered in the intro.

fruity £500s scratchcard

This is a relatively new game, but there have been a few different iterations over the years. Although they have had different designs, the gameplay remains relatively the same.

Below is the first Christmas edition version of the card – Festive £500s.

festive £500 scratchcard

To play this scratchcard is relatively simple; match any of the winning numbers with your numbers, or find any symbol that corresponds to a prize.

Monopoly Scratchcards

National Lottery do love their £5 scratchcards – it is common to see more than one of the themed scratchcards released each year.

These games are very similar with each release; with the gameplay staying almost identical but just appearing in a different colour.

monopoly riches green scratchcard

Consider the last Monopoly scratchcard released in 2020 – the Monopoly Riches Green scratchcard and compare it with the Monopoly Gold scratchcard – released in mid 2020.

£1 million monopoly gold scratchcard

Notice similar games, but with two different jackpot prizes available to be won!

50X Scratchcard

This 50X scratchcard – released in late 2020 – was the first time we have ever seen a 50 multiplier scratchcard game. We have seen a couple of the 20X scratchcards before, but National Lottery have decided to go big with this game.


Although there are 38 chances to win, the game is simple to play; match one of the winning numbers with your numbers or a multiplier bonus number.

Although just a £1 million bonus, there are a whopping seven jackpot available to be won here – more than we’ve seen on a £5 scratchcard for a while!

Win £5, £10, £20 or £50 Scratchcard

Although many of you may not consider this one of the ‘best’ £5 scratchcards, we had to include the Win £5, £10, £20 or £50 scratchcard simply for the novelty.

win-5-10-20-50 scratchcard

It looks very much like the scratchcards with the £500 jackpots, but as you’ve guessed already, you can only win £5, £10, £20 or £50 (or £0) per scratchcard.

£5 Scratchcards Online

If you don’t like the look of the National Lottery £5 scratchcards or the odds of winning just aren’t good enough for you, you may want to consider online scratchcards.

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