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As is typical with national lottery new scratchcard releases, the first Monday of the month has delivered.

This time out, we are treated with just two new scratchcards, although we expect to see an additional batch later on in the month.

Also, we are getting close to seeing new Christmas scratchcards for 2020, if not this month then next.

Anyway, scroll down to see the two new scratchcards.

£100 Loaded scratchcard

The first scratchcard is the re-incarnation of an old scratchcard, the £100 loaded game.

It has a similar design to the last game, but with a slightly different colour scheme.

There are 8,370 jackpots of £100 available to be won – the most of any of the 2020 national lottery scratchcards so far.

£100 loaded national lottery scratchcard 2020
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To see more information about the £100 Loaded scratchcard, click the button below:

Triple Jackpot scratchcard

We’ve seen this triple scratchcard before, and the previous version is technically still on sale with one remaining jackpot of £500,000 left.

This new scratchcard is very similar, with a new colour scheme and an improved jackpot prize of £1,000,000!

triple jackpot scratchcard 2020
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Want to find out more about the Triple Jackpot 2020 scratchcard? Check the button below:

More scratchcards?

Although there are no new scratchcard designs, it is good to have two new games added to the current lineup. 

Like previously mentioned, we expect more to be released, so make sure to come back and check this page later on in the month.

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