In December 2018, National Lottery new scratch cards were announced twice in one month.

On the 3rd of December, 3 new scratchcards were released – Win All Scratchcard, Money Spinner scratchcard and £4 Million Red Scratchcard

A week later on 10th December, a further 5  new scratchcards were released, these included the Gold Fever scratchcard, 20X scratchcard, Instant Lotto scratchcard, Triple Lucky 7 scratchcard and Jewel Bingo Green scratchcard.


Here’s a brand new scratchcard game idea released from The National Lottery.

​The £3 scratch card – Win All – has a jackpot prize of £50,000, with 5 top prizes available at release.

win all scratchcard

How to play the WIN ALL Scratchcard

Okay, this game looks a bit confusing to start, but bear with us.

There are 4 rows, each with 5 symbols on each. 

Scratch off each row, reveal 3 of the same number and win the prize for that row.

For the bonus game, get 4 of the same numbers in the red, green or orange boxes and win the bonus prize.

Alternatively, reveal a ‘WIN’ symbol, and win the prizes for all 4 rows, and 3 bonus games.

You can win a maximum of 7 times per scratchcard!


Remember the £2 Yellow Money Spinner scratchcard? Well it has been reincarnated into this new £5 scratchcard.

As well as the main game, there are 3 additional games to increase your chances of winning a prize!

There are 5 jackpot prizes of £100,000 available to win. There are 10 second place prizes of £1,000 available after the jackpot.

money spinner scratchcard

How to play the Money Spinner £100,000 Scratchcard

Game 1: Reveal a wad of cash ‘Win’ symbol and win £10.
Game 2: Reveal a diamond symbol and win £10.
Game 3: Find 3 identical symbols in one of the 7 wedges and win the prize. You can win in multiple wedges, and also double the winning by revealing a ‘X2’ symbol in the double bonus spot.
Game 4: Reveal the two winning numbers, and match one of your number and instantly win the corresponding prize amount!


It’s been a long time since a new £10 scratchcard has been released.

Unfortunately, this new scratchcard lacks any originality, as it is just a different colour of the £4 million blue scratch card.

You can win up to 21 times per scratchcard!

£4 million red scratchcard

How to play the £4 Million Red Scratchcard

Game 1: Find a ‘crossed fingers’ symbol under one or more of the prizes and win the cash amount.
Game 2: If yours weighs more than theirs, win the corresponding prize.
Game 3: Match any of the winning symbols with your symbols and win one or more of the 8 available prizes.
Game 4: Match 2 numbers to 10 in any of the 3 rows, then win the prize amount.
Game 5: Match 2 identical symbols in any row and win the prize amount


First of the second batch of scratchcards released in December. This £3 scratch card is the same old style we’ve seen before, most recently the £3 Winter Wonderlines scratchcard.

There are 5 jackpots of £300,000 available to win!

gold fever scratchcard

How to play Gold Fever Scratch Card

The Gold Fever scratchcard is easy to play; reveal 4 symbols from the right hand side column in one of more lines in either of the two game areas to win a prize.

There are a total of 28 Gold Fever scratchcard symbols on this scratchcard, but only 18 symbols you can reveal in the right hand column.

However, some of the Gold Fever scratch card symbols appear twice, such as the spade and banjo symbols.

It is possible to win multiple times on this scratchcard, by matching more than one line in either of the game play areas. The maximum number of times you can win per scratchcard is 6 times, with the maximum payout for 6 lines being £100.


I have a feeling that this scratchcard is going to be popular! A re-release of the previous orange 20X scratchcard, this game is exactly the same, but features a new extra game on the back of the card!

​There are 5 top prizes of £1,000,000 available to win!

20X National Lottery Scratchcard December 2018

How to play the 20X Scratch Card

To play the front main game, reveal your 5 winning numbers in the top row, and match the same number to any of the below 15 to win.

Alternatively, reveal a multiplier of X2, X5, X10 or X20 to win the prize amount times your multiplier!

20x scratchcard reverse

So, here’s the extra game.

There are 6 rows, match 3 identical symbols and win the prize. You can win on both the main and extra game on the same scratch card.

This game is on the opposite side of the scratchcard that contains the game rules. The attached photo is a screenshot from The National Lottery website, but will be updated with a real life photo shortly!

Definitely excited to try out this new scratchcard!


We’ve not seen this scratchcard for a good few years, but the game play has slightly changed. 

There are 8 jackpots available of £10,000 to win!

instant lotto scratchcard

How to play the Instant Lotto Scratchcard

Reveal your winning number in the top right, match it with any of the 6 numbers below to win your prize.

Reveal a ££ symbol to instantly win the prize also.


Here’s a repeat of an old scratchcard we’ve seen previously.

There are a whopping 8 jackpots of £70,000 available!

triple lucky 7s scratchcard

How to play the Triple Lucky 7s Scratchcard

You have 7 chances to win on this scratchcard.

In each row, find 3 identical ‘7’s’ tin win the prize.

Alternatively, find a four leaf clover in any row and instantly win £10.

​You have the chance to triple your prize by reveal a ‘X3’ symbol in the triple spot.


The Jewel Bingo scratch card is for all you bingo fans out there!

Although the normal game play is as before, there is an extra chance to win with the Jewel Bingo Scratchcard bonus game.

jewel bingo green scratchcard

How to play the Jewel Bingo Green Scratchcard

Reveal all the numbers in the top caller’s card. Proceed to scratch all the numbers in the 4 cards below. 

Get a row, column or diagonal in any of the cards to win the corresponding prize amount.

If your line contains a diamond, then you automatically win double the prize amount.

The Jewel Bingo scratchcard bonus game is easy – reveal a 🤞🏻 to win the prize amount.

We really like to see The National Lottery release new scratchcard games ideas and will be excited to try the new Win All Scratchcard featured at the top of this article.

The £100,000 Money Spinner scratchcard is similar to a £2 and £5 scratchcard we have seen previously. However, we are disappointed that the jackpot of this £5 scratchcard is only £100,000, and there are only 5 jackpot prizes available – we cannot help but feel the prize pots of larger amounts are reducing.

This is echoed in the new £4 million red scratchcard. With only 3 jackpots available, and the fact it is pretty much the same as the old £4 million blue game, we can’t see any real attraction in playing the game! 🙃

This is the last lot of scratchcards released in 2018, and we will continue to feature all the new scratchcards in 2019.