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What might be the final time this year, National Lottery have released their final four scratchcards of 2020.

Scroll down to see all the new scratchcards for yourself!

£20,000 a Month for a Year Scratchcard (2020)

£20,000 a month for a year 2020 National Lottery scratchcard
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It’s been just over a year since we saw the first version of the £20,000 a month for a year scratchcard (2019), but it is back with a new set of jackpots and the exact same gameplay. The only thing is, it has a different colour…

To those of you good at maths, it will be no surprise that the jackpot is £240,000 – a pretty good return compared to some of the £2 scratchcards out there.

We predict that players will think they’ve won when they immediately see the ‘YEAR’ symbol. Just make sure you match a number before you start celebrating!

50X (2020) Scratchcard

50X National Lottery scratchcard
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We predict this new scratchcard is going to be popular!

A supercharged version of the previous 20X scratchcards we’ve seen previously, this scratchcard offers players the chance to win with a 50X multiplier.

There are seven jackpots of £1 million up for grabs!

Cash Tripler 2020 Scratchcard

Cash Tripler 2020 scratchcard
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£1 scratchcards are hardly that exciting and you’ve all probably seen previous versions of this game before.

Anyway, this scratchcard also has seven jackpots up for grabs, with £10,000 to be won for lucky players.

Lucky Numbers 2020 Scratchcard

Lucky Numbers 2020 scratchcard
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Another scratchcard in this list that follows the trend by re-using an old scratchcard design.

I won’t bore you with how to play it here, but there are four jackpots of £300,000 available to be won!

We have no idea if this is it for this year, although we probably expect it is! See you next year for more 2021 scratchcards!

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