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July was a big month for new National Lottery Scratchcards.

A total of 7 new scratchcards were released on two different occasions in July, scroll down to see Scratchcards in all their glory.

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The jackpot for this game is £7,000, with a total of 11 jackpots available. The odds of winning the jackpot are almost 1 in 2 million, but the odds of winning any prize are 1 in 4.58.

get lucky scratchcard
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How to play the Get Lucky Scratchcard

There are 4 rows in the game area. Reveal 3 matching symbols in a row, and win the corresponding prize from the prize table on the left hand side.


The new £2 scratchcard is the Red Hot 7’s Doubler.

The top prize stands at £70,000 with 7 jackpots available. Other prizes include £7,000, £1,000, £200, £100, £40, £20, £10, £5, £4 and £2. Odds of winning the jackpot stand at 1 in 3.6 million, whilst odds of winning any prize is 1 in 4.08.

red hot 7s doubler scratchcard
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How to play the Red Hot 7s Doubler Scratchcard

Similar to the previous £1 game, match 3 ‘7’s’ in one 8 rows in the game are and win the corresponding prize.

If the 3 ‘7’s’ are red rather than black, you win double the prize.

It is possible to win up to 8 times per scratchcard.


This last scratchcard is very similar to something we’ve seen before. But with a twist.

The jackpot is the same as others – £300,000. There are 5 available upon release of this card.

Other prizes include £10,000, £1,350 (yes, this is correct), £1,000, £200, £100, £50, £30, £25, £20, £10, £6, £5 and £3.

bingo doubler pink scratchcard
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How to play the Bingo Doubler Pink Scratchcard

Simply reveal your numbers by scratching the top ‘Caller’s Card’ panel, and then scratch the same numbers in 1 of the 4 ‘cards’ in the game area.

However, if you get 4 numbers in a row/column/diagonal with a money bag symbol, you win double the prize.


These £100,000 jackpot prize games from the £1 scratchcards are very similar. There are 10 jackpots of £100,000 available to win.

Odds of winning any prize are 1 in 4.58, whilst the odds of winning the jackpot are 1 in 4.6 million!

£100,000 green scratchcard
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How to play the £100,000 Green Scratchcard

Scratch off the game play area to reveal 9 different amounts. Match 3 identical cash prize amounts and win that prize instantly.

If you don’t match three identical prizes on the scratchcard but reveal a crossed fingers symbol, you still win £5!


Most £5 scratchcards past and present have large jackpots, up to £1 million in value. Typically, there are only a few prizes available of the large jackpot prize.

This £20,000 jackpot scratchcard however, reverses the trend.

There are now 100 jackpot prizes, at a reduced value of £20,000.

£20,000 jackpot scratchcard
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How to play the £20,000 Jackpot Scratchcard

There are 5 games to play on this scratchcard, plus a bonus game, an extra bonus game and a mega bonus game.

For the bonus game, reveal the corresponding symbol and win the prize amount of £5, £10 and £20.

​For each game, reveal your winning number. Match any of your 4 numbers with the winning number and win that prize. Alternatively, find a money bag symbol and instantly win that prize!


The £3 scratchcard games take a bit longer to play due to the nature of the game. It’s worth it for the £300,000 jackpot prize though.

​There are 5 top prizes available.

cashword bonus yellow scratchcard
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How to play the Cashword Bonus Yellow Scratchcard

To play the Cashword Bonus scratchcard, scratch off your letters, to reveal your 18 letters.

On the word grid, scratch off the letters you have revealed, and any complete scratched words.

The number of complete words determines your prize from the prize table.

Do the same with the bonus game; reveal all 5 letters and win the prize.

EDIT: There has been a lot of confusion with how to win on this game, we have created a Cashword Bonus Guide which goes in to more detail.


Instead of few, large jackpot prizes available, the instant £100 scratchcard restricts the jackpot to just £100.

This mean that there are a massive 9,799 scratchcard jackpots of £100 available!

instant £100 scratchcard
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How to play the Instant £100 Scratchcard

Scratch the bonus prize; reveal a lightning bolt symbol and win the prize.

For the main game, reveal both symbols under the ‘£’ sign in each row. Reveal two identical prizes, and win the prize for that row.

Reveal two ‘DOUBLE’ symbols, and win double the prize amount!

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