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June 2020 was a busy month for new National Lottery scratchcards, when they released scratchcards 3 times in just one month.

But today, the first Monday of July brings us 4 brand new scratchcards; scroll down to check them out:

Cash Drop 2020 Scratchcard

The first new scratchcard is the Cash Drop scratchcard. The exact same gameplay as previous scratchcards, but with a new name.

The jackpot prize stands at £100,000 and there are 6 of the top prizes to win!

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Triple Cashword Purple Scratchcard

We’ve seen this scratchcard loads of times before, in black, blue and most recently as the green scrabble scratchcard.

There are 5 top prizes of £300,000 to be won on this new game!

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£1 Million Monopoly Gold Scratchcard

We are used to seeing Monopoly scratchcards all the time, so this new game shouldn’t look too unfamiliar. The only difference being the gold and purple design.

The jackpot is £1,000,000 and there are a total of 4 to be won!

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Fruity £500s Scratchcard

We’ve seen many of these £5 scratchcards with £500 jackpot prizes many times before, but this is the first one with a fruity theme.

Obviously, the jackpot is £500, and there are 6039 jackpots to be won!

fruity £500s scratchcard
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