In mid-April, we wrote about 5 new scratchcards that were released; these included games such as Money Spinner and Luxury Lines. Today, 4th June, The National Lottery has gone and announced another set of 4 new scratchcards. 

Scroll down to read all about the new games!


Let’s start with a new limited edition game!

We’ve all seen the classic £250,000 scratchcard, this time it is re-invented with an increased jackpot of £300,000, with odds of winning set at 1 in 4.18.

£300,000 Blue Scratchcard

How to play the £300,000 Blue Scratchcard

There are three games to play on this scratchcard, with the possibility of winning up to 8 times per game.

Game 1: Find a diamond and instantly win the corresponding prize. You can win 6 times on game 1.
Game 2: Find the crossed fingers symbol and win the cash prize.
Game 3: Reveal three identical prize amounts to win that prize.


If you’ve ever played the £4 million black scratchcard, this game will be very familiar.

Compared with the old £4 million black scratchcard, the number of £4 million jackpots has been increased from 2 to 3, whilst the number of second prizes £10,000 has also increased from 3 to 5.

The chances of winning one of the 3 jackpots is just over 1 in 4 million, and the chances of winning any prize are 1 in 3.19.

£4 million blue scratchcard

How to play the £4 Million Blue Scratchcard

As with most £10 scratchcards, there are multiple games on this scratchcard. Here’s how you play:

Game 1: Reveal a crossed fingers symbol and win the corresponding prize
Game 2: If your value weighs more than theirs, win the prize
Game 3: Match one of your winning symbols with your symbol and win the corresponding prize
Game 4: If the two prizes in a row add up to 10, win the prize
Game 5: Match two symbols in a row, and win the corresponding prize.

It is possible to win on every single game, up to 21 times per scratchcard!


We’ve seen this scratchcard before.

There are 8 jackpots of £10,000 available. With odds of scooping one of the top prizes set at just under 1 in 2 million!

5X scratchcard

How to play the 5X Scratchcard

Scratch off the panel in the main game play area. Reveal ’05’ to win the prize. Alternatively, reveal a ‘2X’ or ‘5X’ to win double or quintuple the prize amount!


Here’s the last of the new 4 scratchcards.

You can win up to 6 times per game, winning a maximum amount of £1,000!

The jackpot prize is £100,000, with 5 of the top prizes available to be won.

Odds of winning the jackpot are around 1 in 3 million, with the odds of winning any prize at 1 in 4.28.

jewel smash scratchcard

How to play the Jewel Smash Scratchcard

Scratch off the main game panel. Review the symbols, to see if you have 3 of the same symbols in any row or column. If you do, you win the corresponding prize.

So there you go, four new scratchcards to look out for!

Expect scratchcards to be on sale anytime now. Of all the scratchcards, vote below to indicate your favourite!

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