After a massive month of scratchcard releases in April, we only saw one new scratchcard in May, the £3 Holiday Cash scratchcard.

With the 1st Monday of June falling on the 3rd June, we have just been made aware of 2 new scratchcards!

Whilst we were expecting more, don’t be surprised if more are released later in the month!


This new £2 Lucky lines from the National Lottery rather confusingly shares its name with an old £3 scratchcard similar to the Holiday Cash scratchcard.

​However, it is similar to the current £2 Lucky Fortune scratchcard where you need get multiple attempts to match 3 symbols!

lucky lines scratchcard

How to play Lucky Lines Scratchcard

This is an easy one.

But you have 10 attempts to win by revealing 3 of the same symbols in one or more of the lines. Depending on which symbols you reveal, dictates how much you win according to the prize table.

​The most you can win by revealing 10 lines is £1,000!

4.0 rating
150 Bonus Spins
4.8 rating
Buy in with £10, Get a £30 Bonus!
4.3 rating
4.3 rating
30 FREE Spins - No Deposit Required. 100% Bonus up to £100 + 30 FREE Spins on 1st Deposit


It’s Back!

The re-release of the old £4 million black scratchcard!

​With the biggest prize possible on any scratchcard apart from the £4 million red scratchcard, there are 3 to win! 
(hopefully nobody buys a winner with a stolen credit card…)

4 million black scratchcard

How to play £4 Million Black Scratchcard

I’m sure you know how to play, but let’s recap:

GAME 1: Reveal one or more 🤞🏻 symbol to win the prize.
GAME 2: If you prize weighs more than theirs, win the corresponding prize.
GAME 3: Match either one or both of your symbols to the winning symbols to win.
GAME 4: Add both numbers in a row to equal 10 and win the prize.
​GAME 5: Reveal 2 identical symbols in a line to win the prize!

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