As of the 19th March 2018, The National Lottery has updated their scratchcard page.

​Below are the 4 new scratchcards:


Scratchcard number 1077 is the new VIP Cashword Green.

It seems to be exactly the same as the previous Cashword scratchcard game, but with the new green design. There are 7 jackpots of £300,000 available by simply matching 12 words.

300,000 vip cashword green

How to play the VIP Cashword Green Scratchcard

Firstly, reveal your letters in the top gameplay area. You get 18 different letters from the 26 available in the alphabet.

Proceed to the word grid play area, and scratch all letter that correspond to the letters you have revealed in your gameplay area. If you completely reveal all letters of a word, that counts as one word for the prize table.
​Reveal a minimum of three words, and you win the corresponding prize. 

There is also a bonus game on this scratchcard. Scratch the panel and reveal a VIP symbol to win £20. You can win on both the bonus game and the main scratchcard game.


Scratchcard number 1094 is is the £1 game Royal 7’s.

There are 9 jackpot prizes of £7,000 to be won on the Royal 7 £1 scratchcard.

royal 7s scratchcard

How to play the Royal 7’s Scratchcard

There are 4 rows, indicating 4 games – you can win up to 4 times on one scratchcard. In each row, if the two numbers you reveal under the crowns total 7, you win the corresponding prize.


Lucky fortune is the £2 re-release of a previous scratchcard you’ve probably played.

There are 7 jackpot prizes of £50,000 available on this scratchcard. It is possible to win up to 7 times per scratchcard, however, the maximum you can win this way is £200.

lucky fortune scratchcard

How to play the Lucky Fortune Scratchcard

The Lucky Fortune Rules are simple, you must scratch off the panel in the play area. If you reveal 3 of the same symbols per row, you win the corresponding prize from the prize table.

There are 7 rows in total, so there are 7 chances to win.


The last version of this scratchcard – Fast £500 – was extremely popular with fans on our social media pages.

The Full of 500 UK Scratchcard jackpot prize is a significantly reduced from other £5 scratchcards, there a significant number of jackpots available instead.

There are a whopping 5,133 initial jackpots prizes of £500 (surprise!) available on this scratchcard, which makes it one of the best chances of becoming a scratchcard jackpot winner!

full of £500s scratchcard

How to play the Full of £500’s Scratchcard

To play this scratchcard, scratch off your 5 winning numbers at the top of the game play area.

Proceed to scratch off your 15 winning numbers in the main section of the game play area. If your number matches a winning number, you win the corresponding prize.

You can also win by revealing a moneybag, which instantly wins you the prize amount. A ‘££’ symbol wins you double the corresponding prize, whilst revealing a diamond symbol wins you ALL 15 prize amounts!

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