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As expected, on the first Monday of March, 3 new scratchcards of 2019 were released.

Last month’s February 2019 Scratchcards gave us 5 new scratchcards, but this time we have just 3, £100 Loaded, £100,000 Purple and Monopoly Jackpot scratchcards.

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The £100 Loaded Scratchcard is exactly the same type of scratchcard as the Instant £100 scratchcard already in circulation.

With over 8,000 jackpots of £100 available, you’re chances of winning a jackpot have never been better, and you don’t even have to go through any complicated processes to claim your scratchcard jackpot win.

£100 loaded scratchcard
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How to play £100 Loaded Scratchcard

There are 9 opportunities to win on this scratchcard.

On one or more of the rows, match two identical symbols to win the prize. Reveal two ‘DOUBLE’ symbols and win double the prize amount.

In the bonus game, reveal a money bag to instantly win that prize.

4.0 rating
Up to 150 bonus spins with first deposit
4.8 rating
Deposit £10, get a £30 bonus
4.3 rating
30 Free Spins & 100% Bonus on Deposits up to £100
4.5 rating
80 free spins with first deposit


This is the same scratchcard that is re-released all the time.

At the time of release, there are still three other colours of the game available, £100,000 Green£100,000 Magenta and £100,000 Yellow.

£100,000 Purple Scratchcard
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How to play £100,000 Purple Scratchcard

If you’ve ever played a scratchcard, you’ll know how to play this game.

Match three identical cash amounts to win. There’s also a bonus game where you win by revealing the diamond. You can win on both the main and bonus game on the same scratchcard.


It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Monopoly scratchcard, after previously featuring the last £5 Monopoly scratchcard.

There are 4 jackpot prizes of £1,000,000.

monopoly jackpot scratchcard
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How to play the Monopoly Jackpot Scratchcard

BONUS GAMES 1,2 & 3: Reveal a 🤞🏻symbol in any of the game play areas and reveal the cash prize
GAME 1: Match one of more winning symbols with your symbols to win the corresponding prize.
GAME 2: Add your two numbers up to 10 in one or both row to win the corresponding prize.
GAME 3: Match two identical dice to win the corresponding cash prize.

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