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We are already in March, and for the first Monday of the month, are 4 brand new National Lottery scratchcards!

Scroll down to see what the new 4 look like:

Cash Match Scratchcard

Here’s a pretty boring £1 scratchcard. The jackpot prize is only £10,000 but there are 5 top prizes available!

cash match scratchcard

How to Play the Cash Match Scratchcard

Reveal the winning symbol in the middle of the scratchcard. If you match this symbol in one of the four corners, you win the corresponding prize. 

You can win up to 4 times per scratchcard!

4.5 rating
4.8 rating
4.3 rating

£100,000 Orange Multiplier Scratchcard

We see this scratchcard all the time, just in different colours and slightly different gameplay. The jackpot remains at £100,000, with 12 of the top prizes in circulation.

To play this scratchcard, simply match three identical cash amounts in the game play area. If you match three prizes, scratch off the multiplier box, to reveal a ‘1X, ‘2X’, ‘5X’ OR ’10X’, symbol to get the chance to multiply your prize!

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Quids In Scratchcard

We all know that £1 scratchcards are usually the most boring games to play, however, this new £1 scratchcard features a slightly new gameplay. The jackpot prize stands at £5,000 with 5 top prizes available to win!

To play this game, you need to reveal all 6 symbols in each game. If the value of all 6 symbols is more than £1, you win the cash prize. It is possible to win up to 3 times per scratchcard!

Instant £100 2020 Scratchcard

The £100 top prize scratchcard games are always popular! This gives everybody even more chance to become a jackpot winner for the first time!

There are just under 12,000 prizes of £100 to be won!

Instant £100 2020 Scratchcard

How to Play the Instant £100 2020 Scratchcard

This scratchcard is easy to play.

Find a ‘5’, ’10’, or ’20’ symbol to win the corresponding cash prize.

In the main game, match your symbols to your winning symbols to win the corresponding prize!

85th Anniversary Monopoly Scratchcard

It’s not 85 years of scratchcards, but 85 years of Monopoly! This standard scratchcard game offers 4 top prizes of £1,000,000!

monopoly 85th anniversary scratchcard

How to Play the 85th Anniversary Monopoly Scratchcard

At the top, there are 3 bonus games. Find a 🤞🏻symbol to win the corresponding prize.
GAME 1: Match two identical symbols in one or more of the 10 columns to win the corresponding prize.
GAME 2: If the two numbers add up to exactly 10, win the corresponding prize.
GAME 3: Match two identical numbers to win the corresponding prize.

Mega Cashword Scratchcard

Here’s a mega cashword game that we’ve not seen in the UK before. This type of game is popular in the US, but this £5 game offers two chances to win a prize!

​You can win on both grids!

mega cashword scratchcard

How to Play the Mega Cashword Scratchcard

The Mega Cashword game is just like any other Cashword scratchcard game.

Reveal the 18 letters in the top right hand panel, and proceed to scratch off the corresponding letters.

Importantly, you can include the completed words from one grid separately. However, you can win prizes on both grids on one scratchcard

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