After National Lottery pulled all 3 Cashword scratchcards from sale, they have somewhat randomly released a new £3 scratchcard.

We expect this would of been as part of another set of new scratchcards, but they are obviously keen to replaced all the empty gaps in the scratchcard holders in store.

We will update this page if any more scratchcards are released later in the month.

Holiday Cash Scratchcard

This new £3 scratchcard is very similar to other £3 scratchcards we’ve seen previously, such as another current game, the £3 Gold Fever scratchcard.

The number of top prizes has dropped, and there are only 5 jackpot prizes of £300,000 to be won.

holiday cash scratchcard

How to play Holiday Cash Scratchcard

I don’t need to explain how to play this scratchcard do I really…?

However, to play, reveal the 18 symbols from the column on the right hand side.

Proceed to scratch off the same symbols in the two game areas; reveal one or more lines and win the corresponding prize!

You can win up to 6 times per scratchcard!

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