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It’s been a quiet month for new National Lottery scratchcards in April 2020. So far, there has just been ONE scratchcard released, and a £1 game at that.

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We expect new scratchcard releases to be slowed down with lockdown in the UK still ongoing.

New scratchcard releases will be updated here as and when.

A further two new scratchcards were announced on the final Monday of the month – 27th April.

Win £50 Scratchcard

This new £1 scratchcard is fairly similar to what we’ve seen before. However, the jackpot prize has been reduced to just £50, but with over 8,000 jackpot prizes available to be won – your best chance at becoming a jackpot winner?

win £50 scratchcard
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How to Play the Win £50 Scratchcard

You have four chances to win on this scratchcard; it is possible to win more than once on each scratchcard.

Reveal the symbols in each row. Match two symbols and win the cash prize.

If you reveal two ‘DOUBLE’ symbols, you win double the cash amount!

Cash 7s Scratchcard

The new £5 Cash 7s scratchcard is very similar to the old Fruity Fortune Scratchcard or Merry Millions 2019 scratchcard.

This new game has £1 million jackpot prize, with 5 available to be won.

This scratchcard should be in stores any time soon, however due to the current situation with buying and cashing scratchcards in store, there may be a delay until you see this!

cash 7s scratchcard
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How to Play Cash 7s Scratchcard

This scratchcard features 3 bonus games and a main game.

In the bonus games, reveal a 🤞🏻 symbol to win the corresponding prize. You can win £20, £50 or £100 each, in bonus games 1, 2 and 3 respectively.

In the main game, reveal three ‘7’ symbols in a row to win.

If all the ‘7’s are black, you win the cash prize, but if you get three red ‘7’s in a row, you win double the prize.

You can win on all the games, winning a total of £200 in the process!

£50 Million Mega Cash Showdown

Is this the biggest ever £5 scratchcard?

Since the £10 scratchcards were removed from sale, there has been a lack of the big scratchcards we got used to.

However, this new £5 scratchcard is the newest cash showdown scratchcard since the last £50 Million Cash Showdown scratchcard, with 6 top prizes of £1 million and over £50 Million in prizes!

£50 million mega cash showdown scratchcard
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How to play The £50 Million Mega Cash Showdown Scratchcard

At the top of the scratchcard, you have 5 winning numbers, and two bonus numbers.

If you match a winning number with one of your numbers you win the corresponding prize. If one of your numbers matches one of the numbers underneath the ‘X2’ or ‘X5’ symbol, you win the prize multiplied by the corresponding number.

Like usual, if you reveal a 💰symbol, you automatically win the prize. If you reveal a 💎 symbol, you win ALL the cash prizes on the scratchcard!

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