5 new scratchcards from The National Lottery were released today – 1st October 2018.

In addition to last months Christmas Advent Calendar scratchcard, another 4 were released. This means a total of 5 Christmas scratchcards in 2018.

Check all 5 National Lottery scratch cards, and remember to vote for your favourite in the survey at the bottom of this page.


The new Snow Me The Money Scratchcard is the only £1 Christmas scratch card. There are a massive 12 jackpots of £5,000 available!

snow me the money scratchcard
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How to play Snow Me The Money Scratchcard

Scratch the panel to reveal the 9 prize values. Reveal 3 identical cash values and automatically win the prize.

Alternatively, find the money cash symbol and win the bonus prize. It is possible to win both in the main game and the bonus.


This is the only non-Christmas scratch card released in October 2018.

This National Lottery Scratchcard is similar to other games we have seen such as the Lucky Fortune scratchcard.

There are 5 jackpots of £80,000 available.

lucky stars scratchcard
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How to play the Lucky Stars Scratchcard

You can win up to 8 times on this scratch card.

Reveal a ‘crossed fingers’ symbol and win the bonus cash prize.

​In the main game, reveal 3 identical symbols and win the corresponding cash prize(s) from the prize chart.


The Christmas Winter Wonderlines scratchcard is similar to two similar scratchcards that have been out recently – Luxury Lines scratchcard and Get Fruity scratchcard.

winter wonderlines 2018 scratchcard
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How to play the Winter Wonderlines Scratchcard

Playing this scratchcard is easy.

Reveal all 18 symbols along the column on the right hand side of the card and scratch off the same symbols in the main game area.

If you reveal a complete row or column of 4 symbols, then you win the prize amount corresponding to the row or column.

There are 4 top prizes on this scratchcard of £200,000.


This scratchcard is very similar, and even has the same name as last years edition.

The scratchcard jackpot stands at £100,000 and there are 5 available on this £2 scratchcard.

christmas countdown 2018 scratchcard
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How to play the Christmas Countdown 2018 Scratchcard

GAME 1: Scratch of all 12 panels. Any panel displaying a ‘crossed fingers’ symbol instantly wins the prize beneath it.
GAME 2: Scratch off the two winning numbers situated underneath the bells. Match these numbers with your numbers and win. 

​Alternatively, find a coin symbol underneath any of your numbers and also win that prize.


This £5 scratchcard has the highest payout ever on any of the £5 scratchcard games!

There are 4 top prizes of £1 million available, with an additional 4 of the second highest prizes of £25,000.

merry millions scratchcard
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How to play the Merry Millions Scratchcard

GAME 1: Match the winning symbol with your symbol and win the cash amount.
GAME 2: If your prize (left) outweighs their prize (right) you win the prize.
GAME 3: If the two values add up to 10, win the prize.
GAME 4: Find a ‘crossed fingers’ symbol and instantly win the prize below.

So there are all 5 scratchcards to be released in October.

This will be the last of the Christmas scratchcards for 2018, which means that there will be a total of 5 available, including the Christmas Advent Calendar scratchcard.

Let us know which is your favourite below, and we will give them away in our next competition!

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