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The last two scratchcard releases have been dominated by the Christmas designs from the new scratchcards.

For October 2019, things are back to normal, with three new scratchcards being released, including a couple of brand new scratchcard designs. Check them out below:


This scratchcard has been released before, albeit in different colours. There are 6 jackpots of £10,000 available to be won!

match 3 tripler 2019 scratchcard
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How to Play Match 3 Tripler 2019 Scratchcard

Match three identical cash amounts to win. You can then have the opportunity to triple your prize!

4.0 rating
Up to 150 bonus spins with first deposit
4.8 rating
Deposit £10, get a £30 bonus
4.3 rating
30 Free Spins & 100% Bonus on Deposits up to £100
4.5 rating
80 free spins with first deposit


Here’s a brand new National Lottery scratchcard!

After all the issues with £3 scratchcards this year, it looks like National Lottery are trying to redeem themselves with this game.

The jackpot prize for this £3 game is £300,000 – just a shame there’s only three up for grabs!

£300,000 bonus purple scratchcard
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How to Play £300,000 Bonus Purple Scratchcard

There’s a couple of different games here.

For the first game, reveal your numbers at the top of the scratchcard. Proceed to reveal these numbers in the game play area and win the prize. You need to find all four numbers to win the cash prize.

In the six bonus games at the bottom, reveal three identical symbols to win the cash prize.


Here’s a second new scratchcard from National Lottery.

This time it’s a new bingo scratchcard, with the price increasing from £3 to £5, and a jackpot prize of £1,000,000 to match. There are four top prizes available.

bingo millionaire 2019 scratchcard
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How to Play Bingo Millionaire Scratchcard

This game is just like the £3 bingo games. Reveal the 40 numbers in the callers cards, and proceed to scratch them off on the six bingo cards.

You win different amounts for completing, one line, two lines or a full house (all three lines). It is possible to win a prize on ALL six cards!

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