There are still 113 days until Christmas Day, however, this hasn’t stopped The National Lottery from revealing this first Christmas scratchcard.

On September 3rd 2018, 3 new National Lottery Scratchcards were announced.

Scroll down to see them the latest games!


The new Cash Tripler scratchcard offers a jackpot prize of £10,000. There are 7 available scratchcard jackpots.

cash tripler scratchcard

How to play the Cash Tripler Scratchcard

A simple game from this £1 scratchcard.

Find three identical symbols in a vertical, row or diagonal and instantly win your the amount under the prize box symbol.

Get the chance to triple your prize by revealing a ‘X3’ symbol underneath the tripler box


You’ve all seen this scratchcard game before. 

This time it is back in red, very similar to a previously released version of this scratchcard.

£250,000 Red Scratchcard

How to play the £250,000 Red Scratchcard

There are 3 games on this scratchcard, with it being possible on winning on all 3 at the same time.

Game 1: Reveal a diamond, and claim the prize amount. You can win 6 times in game 1.
Game 2: Reveal a fingers crossed symbol and instantly win the prize.
Game 3: Reveal three of the same prize, and win that prize.


It’s back!

One of the most popular scratchcard games as voted for by our facebook and instagram fans.

There are 24 opportunities to win, and it is designed to replicate any other Christmas Advent Calendar!

You could buy one and save it for each December day before Christmas Day, but I doubt many of you will do that!

christmas advent calendar scratchcard

How to play the Christmas Advent Calendar 2018 Scratchcard

Under each number, there are 2 symbols. 

Match two symbols and win that prize amount. Match 2 double symbols, and win double the prize amount.

​You can win 24 times per scratchcard!

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