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This time last year, National Lottery went ahead and launched the first lot of Christmas 2019 scratchcards.

We half expected the first lot of 2020 Christmas scratchcards this month, but theres always the chance that they will be released at a later date in September.

For the first scratchcard release in September 2020, there are just 2 new scratchcards – a brand new game and a re-release of another new game that only came out a few months ago.

EDIT: 2 more scratchcards were announced on 21st September, one being one of the new 2020 Christmas Scratchcards!

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Emerald Doubler Scratchcard

The first scratchcard is the new game, the £3 Emerald Doubler scratchcard.

It looks similar to £5 cards such as the Fruity £500s scratchcard, with less of ‘your numbers’.

There is no bonus game, but the variation on the ‘find a diamond’ gameplay.

The jackpot stands at £300,000 – usual for £3 scratchcards – but with just 3 of the top prizes.

There are just over 9,000,000 scratchcards in circulation, so they might be a bit harder to find in stores!

How to play Emerald Doubler Scratchcard

If you’ve played scratchcards before, this game won’t be too tricky to understand.

Reveal the 4 winning numbers, and proceed to scratch the 12 numbers marked ‘your numbers’.

If you match a number, then you win the prize.

If ‘your number’ and the ‘winning number’ are both green, then you win double the prize.

Alternatively, find one or more diamonds to instantly win. The number of diamonds you reveal corresponds with the prize in the left hand prize table.

You can win up to 12 times per scratchcard!

Mega Cashword Pink Scratchcard

mega cashword pink scratchcard

The first Mega Cashword scratchcard was released back in March 2020. It was the first £5 crossword-style scratchcard from National Lottery since we started writing about them.

There are still 2 top prizes of £1,000,000 on the red version of the game remaining (at time of writing) but the new game brings the same jackpot prize, with 4 top prizes in circulation.

How to play Mega Cashword Pink Scratchcard

The rules of this scratchcard are exactly the same as the old one.

Reveal all of the letters marked ‘your letters’ and proceed to scratch them off in both games.

Reveal three or more complete words in one (or both) game grids to win.

Note – you can’t have a total of three across two grids – there is no prize for this!

5X 2020 Scratchcard

5X 2020 national lottery scratchcard

Another new scratchcard released in mid-September is the new £1 scratchcard game, 5X scratchcard.

We last saw this card in June 2018, and it looks like the new card is the exact same, with an updated design.

There are 8 top prizes of £10,000 to be won!

How to play 5X 2020 scratchcard

The rules for this scratchcard don’t get much easier.

Find a ‘roll of cash’ symbol to instantly win the corresponding prize.

Reveal a ‘2X’ symbol to win double the prize, or a ‘5X’ symbol to win 5 times the prize.

The most you can win by winning on all 6 games is £500.

Christmas Advent Calendar 2020 Scratchcard

christmas advent calendar scratchcard 2020

The Christmas scratchcard you’ve all be waiting for is back!

The popular £5 game offers 3 top prizes of £1,000,000 – with 3 of the top prizes available by winning 24 times per scratchcard – (£50,000 x 19 & £5,000 DOUBLE x 5).

Expect it to start being in shops any time soon!

How to play Christmas Advent Calendar 2020 Scratchcard

The rules of this scratchcard are the same as previous years.

Behind each of the 24 numbers are two symbols. Match the two symbols to win the corresponding prize.

If you match two ‘DOUBLE’ symbols, you win double the corresponding prize.

You can win up to 24 times per scratchcard!

Any more scratchcards?

We are not sure whether to expect any more scratchcards for this month, but we should see the Christmas scratchcards soon, maybe later in this month or the next.

Make sure to come back for all the details!

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