Check out the latest $2 New Zealand Scratchie – In The Clouds Scratchie – with information including how to play, prizes and game closure dates

Game Number: 746
Ticket Price: $2
Overall Odds: 1 in 4.12
Number of Top Prizes: 4
Total Prize Pool: $1,220,000
Payout Percentage: 61.00%
Total Number of Tickets: 1,000,000

How to Play In The Clouds Scratchie

  1. Scratch each of the 14 symbols in the YOUR LETTERS panel to reveal a letter
  2. Match each letter revealed in the YOUR LETTERS panel to each identical letter in WORDS 1-6 in the WORD PANEL and scratch each matching letter. Scratch all “Sheep” symbols on Word 1-6. These are a free match
  3. Reveal a complete WORD in the WORD PANEL to win the corresponding PRIZE for that WORD. If a completed word contains a “Sheep” symbol, double the PRIZE won for that WORD
PrizeNumber of PrizesOdds 1 in
$2 Free Ticket100,00010

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