Check out the latest $5 New Zealand Scratchie – Sea’s The Day – with information including how to play, prizes and game closure dates

Game Number: 724
Ticket Price: $5
Overall Odds: 1 in 3.92
Number of Top Prizes: 4
Total Prize Pool: $5,330,000
Payout Percentage: 65.00%
Total Number of Tickets: 1,640,000

How to Play Sea’s The Day Scratchie

This ticket consists of 2 separate crosswords. Each CROSSWORD is played separately.

  1. For CROSSWORD 1 scratch each symbol in the YOUR LETTERS panel to reveal a letter
  2. Match each letter revealed in the YOUR LETTERS panel to each identical letter (black and red) in CROSSWORD 1. Scratch each matching letter
  3. The aim is to reveal 3 or more complete words on CROSSWORD 1 panel to win the corresponding prize on the PRIZE KEY
  4. Triple a prize on the PRIZE KEY if one of the 3 or more complete words is a RED word

Repeat the above steps 1-4 for CROSSWORD 2

PrizeNumber of PrizesOdds 1 in
$5 Free Ticket160,00010.25

Need to Check Your Sea’s The Day Scratchie?

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