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The chances are, if you are reading this article, you are already familiar with National Lottery scratchcards and have probably played a few in your life time.

Rather obviously, these are small pieces of card that you scratch – most commonly with a coin – to reveal the game panel to see if you have won a prize.

When it comes to online scratchcards, the concept remains the same. You purchase your online scratchcard, and then scratch the game panel(s), using a computer mouse or your finger on a touch screen.

As online gambling has become more and more popular, the number of different games that you can play has increased massively, and this is the same for online scratchcards.

There are plenty of places you can play online scratchcards, some better than others. But, before we get into that, here’s a quick overview for online scratchcard newbies!

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National Lottery online scratchcards

Did you know that National Lottery offers scratchcards to play online?

These online scratchcards are known as Instant win games. In fact, National Lottery sells MORE online instant win games than it does scratchcards.

At any time, you can expect to find around ~40 online instant win games to play. Some of these games are the online version as the same scratchcards you can buy in the shops whereas others are completely unique to online.

Just like the ‘real’ scratchcards you can buy in the shops, the price of games varies, with Instant wins offering lower price points of 25p and 50p also.

Can I still win big playing online scratchcards?

With online scratchcards, there is an even bigger range of scratchcards; starting with lower prices and ending with bigger price per card than National Lottery scratchcards.

Therefore, the top-end scratchcards such as the £15 million online scratchcard from Lottoland offers a massive £15 jackpot prize – a lot more than the £4 million you can get from a National Lottery scratchcard!

Do online scratchcards have better odds of winning?

Generally speaking, online scratchcards have a better RTP (return to player) that real scratchcards.

RTP is the percentage of total sales that are paid back out in prizes. For example, if a company sells £1 million worth of scratchcards with a RTP of 90%, this means that £900,000 from the total sales is paid back out in prizes, and the remaining £100,000 is kept by the operator.

A higher RTP is usually available for online scratchcards versus real scratchcards, as there as less costs associated from printing, distributing and paying a retailers commission fee.

In turn, the savings usually means better odds, and a better chance of winning a top prize from an online scratchcard!

Are there a set number of jackpots for online scratchcards?

When a new National Lottery scratchcard game is released, there are no set number of jackpot prizes.

Unlike real scratchcards, when they are released, there are a set number of jackpots for every game. But the number of online scratchcard jackpots is determined by a percentage of the total sold.

Therefore, theoretically, there are unlimited number of jackpots for online scratchcards!

How to play online scratchcards

To play online scratchcards, you simply just need to find somewhere to play.

You can try the popular gambling sites, such as SkyBet or William Hill, or even try more niche online sites that specialise in online scratchcards, such as Lottomart of Lottoland.

Once you’ve found a place with the scratchcards you want to play, you just need to sign up and get started.

But before you start, you should probably consider the best online scratchcard sign up bonuses!

Online scratchcard sign-up bonuses

Online scratchcard sign up bonuses are promotions that are made available to new players.

To convince players to join a certain site, gambling sites offer promotions such as free online scratchcards, deposit bonuses or a range of other free offers!

4.0 rating
Up to 150 bonus spins with first deposit
4.8 rating
Deposit £10, get a £30 bonus
4.3 rating
30 Free Spins & 100% Bonus on Deposits up to £100
4.5 rating
80 free spins with first deposit

How old do I have to be to play online scratchcards?

There are two different ages for online scratchcards.

If you play National Lottery online scratchcards – Instant Wins – then you only need to be 16 to play.

If you play online scratchcards anywhere else in the UK, you must be 18, and you will have to prove this before you can claim any of your winnings!

Are online scratchcards better than the real ones?

It is hard to generalise which scratchcards are better.

Both have benefits and negatives associated with them; online scratchcards are convenient to play, offer a larger range of scratchcards at different prices as well as lucrative sign up offers to new players.

However, the thrill of scratching your own scratchcards is just not as good online!

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