If you are reading this, there is a strong possibility that you are a fan of National Lottery scratchcards and gambling in general.

It’s well known that gambling divides opinion; some people like the thrill of having a chance to win, whereas other people think it is a waste of money and considered dangerous.

However, National Lottery scratchcards have made many people rich – after all, there are lots of jackpot prizes in the hundreds and thousands and millions of pounds.

But when we consider just National Lottery scratchcards, many players who have been buying scratchcards for years tend to refer to them a ‘rubbish’ or ‘not as good as they used to be’. Many people claim that National Lottery scratchcards are ‘rigged’ or a ‘con’.

Are National Lottery Scratchcards a Con?

First of all, National Lottery is controlled by the UK Government who are in charge of determining who has the license to run and sell National Lottery scratchcards. It is highly regulated to ensure it is fair to players, whilst generating income for the Government and for Good Causes.

Although you might not agree with the prize structure of scratchcards, they are not a con. The available prizes, odds and RTP are clearly available and accessible to all players before you play.

By purchasing a scratchcard, you know what you are playing, and you can’t claim it is a con if you don’t win as much or as frequently as you expect.

What About Online Scratchcards?

There are two types of online scratchcards – National Lottery’s version called Instant Wins, and general online scratchcards made available by online casinos.

Generally speaking, the odds and RTP values on both sets of games are better than physical scratchcards you can buy in the shop, with online scratchcards from online casinos generally better than Instant Win games.

Next time you think about buying a National Lottery scratchcard, consider whether the game is for fun, rather than maximising your chances of winning.

Otherwise you might want to look at some of the online scratchcard providers we have listed below!

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