If you’re anything like us, you probably have one or two – or even more – losing scratchcards lying around at home.

But what should you do with the old ones?

Well fortunately, all National Lottery scratchcards are recyclable.

And if you don’t believe me, just look on the back of any scratchcard – notice the small ‘recyclable’ symbol at the bottom of the scratchcard. Here’s an image for you to check out yourself!

back of scratchcard

So, next time you go and throw your losing scratchcards in the bin, do us a favour and stick it in the recycling!

Does that mean all scratchcards are recyclable?

Just because National Lottery scratchcards are recyclable, this doesn’t mean that every scratchcard provider uses the same type of cards.

The easiest way is simply to look for the ‘recyclable’ symbol on the front or back of any scratchcard!

What else can you do with used scratchcards?

You could do anything you like with scratchcards, but you probably lack inspiration.

We’ve seen people try to sell scratchcards on ebay – losers as well! Check out the below listing:

old scratchcards ebay listing

And even come across an artist who uses discarded scratchcards to turn them into art.

Want to waste less? What about online scratchcards…

Just because a scratchcard is recyclable doesn’t mean it is good for the environment.

Think about all the other things involved with making and distributing scratchcards, a lot of energy from factories, carbon dioxide from vehicles that move them around the country and all the plastic that packs of scratchcards come in.

Want a greener alternative? Check out our recommended online scratchcard games.