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The last thing you want to do if you win on a National Lottery scratch card is then to go and damage it.

However, this can easily happen, there’s even been an example of jackpot winning scratchcard that got ripped in half!

In order for a store to pay out on a scratchcard win, they first scan the barcode on the back and then enter the 4 digit code on the front. This combination is unique to all scratchcards and confirms whether and how much you’ve won.

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So, to claim a scratchcard win, your scratch cards needs to be fully intact (not ripped), with the 4 digit code on the front game panel and the barcode on the reverse clearly visible.

Scratchcard Got Wet – What To Do

If your winning scratchcard has got wet, your main concern is if you can still see the barcode on the reverse of your water damaged scratchcard.

Due to the material that scratchcards are made of, the main problem that is likely to occur is smudging of the ink, or the scratch card starting to crinkle and curl at the edges.

Firstly, remove the scratchcard from the water if you haven’t already. Make sure to carefully lift it with both hands, delicately moving it to a dry surface.

If you can, take a photo of both the front and back of the scratchcard with the 4 digit code and reverse barcode clearly visible.

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Lay the scratch card face front side down on a dry surface, ideally a wooden or tiled surface.

DO NOT put it on any paper surface as this will stick to the scratchcard as it dries!

Also, keep the scratchcard away from direct sunlight or a heat source such as a radiator. This will make the scratchcard crinkle and curl more significantly.

Leave it for as long as possible until it looks dry, making sure not to disturb it by touching or moving it.

Go to the last section in this article to found out what to do next.

Scratchcard Got Ripped

Ripped scratchcards tend to be less of a problem that wet scratch cards, however, you still need to make sure you follow the correct procedure.

Before we start, if you buy a scratch card from a store, make sure it is not ripped, and always ask for another one instead.

ripped national lottery scratchcard

There are 2 reasons that ripped scratchcards are a problem:

1. A scratchcard barcode that has been ripped cannot be scanned which is required to pay out a prize.
2. A ripped scratchcard voids any win, and you are unlikely to receive a payout from a store if the rip is significant

In fact, when a store pays out a scratchcard, they usually rip it in half to void anybody trying to claim the prize for a second time.

As with water damaged scratchcards, make sure to take clear photos of the front and back of the scratchcard pieces before you do anything else with it.

​To find out what to do, read on for our guide in the next section:

What to do with Damaged Scratchcards

First off, if you’ve not done so already, take a photo(s) of the damaged scratchcard as evidence, making sure they are as detailed and clear as possible.

Simply, the easiest way to see if your scratchcard is too damaged, is to take it to your nearest shop and see if they will accept them to pay out.

If this doesn’t work, you need to contact National Lottery and let them know about your issue. More than likely, you will be asked details about where you purchased the scratchcard from, and be requested to send the scratchcard to one of the National Lottery regional offices.

Should you have to do this, make sure to send using recorded delivery that has proof of postage and insures for any value should it get lost!

Damaged Scratchcards – Still Need Help?

Are you still struggling with claiming your scratchcard winner or do you need some assistance on what to do next?

Make sure to get in contact with us and we will gladly help you out!

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