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Before you buy a lottery scratchcard, you really should know the number of remaining National Lottery scratchcard jackpot prizes. If you are looking to become a millionaire, this is vital information that gives you the best chances of winning on a scratchcard.

With all the scratchcards available, there are a range of jackpot prizes – from £100 to £4,000,000 – and also a range of the number of jackpots remaining.

It is incredibly simple to find this data, and look for yourself using the steps below.

Firstly, got to the National Lottery scratchcard prizes page. You will be greeted with a page like this:

The information is adjusted daily from Monday to Friday, and as jackpots are won, the data is updated and you can see the number of jackpots left.

This also gives you a full list on the current scratchcards on sale and the number of remaining scratchcard prizes for the UK.

Each row in the table tells you the game, game number, game name, prize amount, number of remaining jackpot prizes and the price of the scratchcard.

​We’ve used the £100,000 Purple scratchcard for this example.

Clicking on the game image, will take you to a page with a bigger version of the image.

£100,000 Purple Scratchcard

Sometimes, the scratchcard will tell you how many jackpots are available when it first went into circulation as it is printed on the front.

4.5 rating
4.8 rating
4.3 rating

​An example of this is the £250,000 Multiplier scratchcard, where there are 8 available jackpots of £250,000:

£250,000 multiplier scratchcard

However, most do not.

To find out how many were available when the game was announced, click on the link found in the game name column.

Scroll to the second page, until you see a table that looks like this:

You can see here, that there were an initial 10 scratchcard jackpots of £100,000 available. At the time of writing, there are now 9 scratchcard jackpots left.

4.5 rating
4.8 rating
4.3 rating

New Scratchcard Remaining Jackpots

Alternatively, we always write about new scratchcards that have been released, and we include this information. Check out this article for new scratch cards 2019.

We’ve used the Instant £500 scratchcard for this example.


As you can see from the Instant £500 pdf page on the National Lottery site, at the start of the game, there were a massive 5,261 jackpot prizes of £500 available to win.

However, as prizes are won, the remaining scratchcard prizes will be updated.

Typically, new scratchcards will have more jackpots available as there has been less time to play the game, so less scratchcards have been purchased. Older scratch cards are more likely to have more jackpots that have been won.

So, next time you go and buy a scratchcard, make sure you check out all the available odds, or contact us on one of our social media pages for further advice!

If you are even unsure if you’ve won on a prize, make sure to check your scratch card!

Scratchcards with No Jackpots Remaining

EDIT: Latest update 27th May 2019

The longer the amount of time scratchcards are for sale, typically, the more jackpot have been won.

Take for instance, the old version of the Instant £500 scratchcard, the Full of £500 scratchcard.

The Full of £500 scratchcard was released in March 2018, and over 12 months later, there are still over 2,000 jackpots remaining!

Sometimes however, scratchcards don’t have jackpots remaining for such a long time!

When all the jackpots have been won, then the scratchcard is removed from sale and new packs can no longer be activated in store.

National Lottery will then publish an end date for all scratchcards and then a date in which all prizes must be claimed. The National Lottery Game Closures information can be found here.

At the time of writing, there are currently 4 scratchcards with zero jackpots prizes left.

These are:

National Lottery rules state that it is possible for scratchcards with no jackpots remaining to still be sold.

There are 2 slightly different rules, due to the prizes available.

The Triple Lucky 7 Scratchcard game is classsed as a category A scratchcard games. This is due to the fact that the jackpot prize of £70,000 is below the £121,000 prize limit acceptable for this category.

This means that although all the jackpots have been won, retailers can continue to sell this game without any indication you can no longer win the corresponding jackpot prizes.

The £250,000 Red Scratchcard, £250,000 Green Scratchcard and the Monopoly Scratchcard are category C scratchcard games, due to their jackpot prizes being in excess of £121,000.

This means that rules are slightly different. 

No new packs of scratchcards can be activated in store and must be sent back to National Lottery.

However, it does mean that scratchcards that are already activated in the POS stand can continue to be sold. Retailers must make you aware that all the jackpot prizes have been claimed, and usually show information on the new screens you see in store.

Scratchcards with jackpots above £121,000 also show this information on the National Lottery site; note the presence of *** next to the name of the 3 scratchcards mentioned above:

And the below text is shown at the bottom of the page:

Buying a Scratchcard with no Jackpot

Although this article was last updated in May 2019, we actually have proven a couple of times that old scratchcards can be purchased.

In an update to this article we made on 4th October 2018, we announced that there were no more jackpots left on the £300,000 Blue scratchcards.

However, we managed to purchased one on the 7th October just to reiterate the point that they are still available to buy after all the jackpots are gone.


We’ve proven this again with the Triple Cashword Blue scratchcard issue.

​After it got pulled from sale due to a rude word appearing on the scratchcard, all retailers were told to remove them from sale.

Even though all the Triple Blue Cashword Scratchcard should have been removed from sale immediately, this wasn’t the case and people could still purchase them in stores around the country.

However, there were still all 6 original jackpots left in circulation at the time this was announced. Although nobody won any jackpots, players can still cash in any winning scratchcards they purchased before or after the announcement as usual!

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