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For this article, we are going to investigate how much scratchcards cost.

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Importantly, we will discuss both National Lottery scratchcards, other scratchcards you can buy in shops and finally online scratchcards – both National Lottery online and at a range of online gambling sites.

National Lottery Scratchcard Prices

National Lottery scratchcards are available in four prices, £1, £2, £3 and £5 scratchcards.

Up until the August 2019, it was possible to buy £10 scratchcards. However, £10 scratchcards were removed from sale, due to concerns with problem gamblers playing them to much.

At the time of writing, it is possible to win a jackpot prize between £50 and £2,000,000. The games are shown below:

win £50 scratchcard

The £1 ‘Win £50’ scratchcard with a top prize of £50.

2 million blue scratchcard

The £5 £2 Million Blue scratchcard with a top prize of £2,000,000.

Other Scratchcards you can buy in stores

National Lottery scratchcards aren’t the only scratchcards you can buy in shops in the UK.

Both Poundland and Morrisons sell scratchcards in selected stores, although the scratchcards that they sell cost just £1.

All profits from these scratchcards goes to charities such as Sue Ryder.

National Lottery Online Scratchcards

Not only do National Lottery provide scratchcards available in local stores and supermarkets, but they also have a range of online scratchcards, known as Instant Wins

A lot of these scratchcards are online versions of popular scratchcards you see in store. A prime example is for the Monopoly 85th Anniversary scratchcard; below are the online and in-store version:

monopoly 85th anniversary scratchcard
Monopoly 85th Anniversary Scratchcard
Monopoly 85th Anniversary Instant Win from National Lottery
Monopoly 85th Anniversary Instant Win – National Lottery

Interestingly, National Lottery Instant Win online scratchcards range from 25p, up to £10, even though ‘real’ £10 scratchcards were scrapped from sale in stores.

Other Online Scratchcards

With National Lottery scratchcards, you really are limited to a set number of prices with usually between 30 and 40 scratchcards in circulation at any one time.

And just because you can still buy a scratchcard in a shop doesn’t mean there are still jackpots available.

That all changes with online scratchcards.

There are loads more scratchcards available online, in a range of prices from a range of different online scratchcard suppliers.

Consider Lottoland for example. Scratchcards range from 10p, all the way up to £20 per scratchcard!

Lottoland £20 scratchcard screenshot
£20 Lottoland Scratchcard
Lottoland 10p scratchcard screenshot
10p Lottoland Scratchcard

And it’s not just Lottoland with online scratchcards.

Check out Lottomart; they have less scratchcards available, but starting as low as 10p and going up to £3 games.

Lottomart 10p scratchcard screenshot
Lottomart 10p Scratchcard
Lottomart £3 scratchcard screenshot
Lottomart £3 scratchcard

However, there are loads of different online scratchcards that you can play.

Not only can you play from the comfort of your home, scratchcard odds tend to be better and most gambling offers lucrative sign up offers for new players.

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