How do I find a Scratchcard Number?

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Every single scratchcard game that you have played – past or present – is assigned a number by the National Lottery.

The format of these numbers has changed over the years, but for the last few years, these numbers have been 4 digit numbers.

To find a scratchcard number for yourself, there are a few ways to do it.

Listed below are the ways you can find them out:

Check the Scratchcard

If you already have the scratchcard in your possession, you can find the number easily.

Turn over to the back of the scratchcard, and identify the long barcode, usually at the bottom of the scratchcard. This is NOT the barcode that you see on every product you can buy in a shop.

Above this barcode is a number in the format – XXXX-YYYYYYY-ZZZ.

The four numbers are the scratchcard number.

For example, for this Christmas Countdown 2020 scratchcard, the number is 1250.

back of christmas countdown 2020 scratchcard

Check the National Lottery Website

If you don’t have the scratchcard, or you are unsure of which barcode to look for, just head over to the National Lottery scratchcard page.

Here, details of all CURRENT National Lottery scratchcards are listed in an easy to view table.

At the time of writing, here is an example screenshot of the scratchcard name and the number:

Scratchcard Game Number Screenshot

However, if you need the number of a scratchcard that isn’t a current game, you might be able to find it on the list of expiring scratchcard games.

In this case, head on over to this page if you can’t find it elsewhere!

If you have no luck with this method, then try the last option.

Do a Google Search for the Scratchcard

Okay, this might sound simple, but the next best thing is to look for the official game rules for the scratchcard.

These can usually be found online – from the National Lottery site – but if not, we also publish pages detailing the scratchcard number of your favourite National Lottery scratchcard.

In the below example, we did a search for “12 months richer scratchcard“, which shows the below result:

12 months richer scratchcard google screenshot

When we go to this or any scratchcard game article that we have written, it shows you a list of the most important game details:

12 months richer gme details screenshot

Need more help?

So, here’s 3 simple tips on how to find any National Lottery scratchcard game number.

Why anybody needs this number is a bit of a mystery to us, but we do gets emails asking us how to check.

If you are ever unsure, do get in contact with us via email or social media and we will be happy to help out!