One of the most frequently asked questions we get about National Lottery scratch cards expire.

If you’re holding onto a scratchcard you purchased a while ago or perhaps stumbled upon an old scratch card while cleaning, you might wonder if it’s still valid or if the opportunity to claim your potential prize has slipped away.

Listed below is a table of all National Lottery scratchcards over the last few years, as well as their status regarding game closure date, and the last day to claim any prizes.

Make sure to cash in before you lose out!

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Expiration Dates on Scratchcards

The short answer the to the question is yes, scratchcards can go out of date. The expiration is not due to the physical properties of the scratchcard but rather the rules set by the National Lottery.

All National Lottery scratchcards have an expiry date, which is different for each scratchcard. Because there are so many different scratchcards being released – check out all new scratchcards for example – it can be hard to keep track of when scratchcards must be cashed in.

triple lucky 7s scratchcard winner

However, it is unlikely that you will ever have this problem, unless you are the kind of person that loses winners, or is just too lazy to go back to the shop.

Let’s explain why this happens, and how to check it for yourself!

Do Scratchcards Expire?

Yes, National Lottery scratchcards expire for 2 main reasons.

The first reason being that all the jackpot prizes have been won.

Scratchcards are split into 3 categories, A, B & C – all details regarding this can be found on our Remaining Scratchcard Jackpots page.

Scratchcards with a jackpot of £121,000 or more are classed as category C games. 

When all the jackpots from a category C game are won, the scratchcard game is closed shortly after. At this point, National Lottery announce the closure and the standard closure rules (detailed below) apply.

This is not the same for category A games, scratchcards with a jackpot prize of £121,000 or less.

These games can be sold even after all the jackpots have been won. 

Therefore, the second reason for a scratchcard expiry is when all the scratchcards have been sold to retailers.

Sometimes however, all category C scratchcards will be sold, even when there are still jackpot prizes remaining. For whatever reason, some jackpots aren’t claimed and therefore scratchcards with prizes of £121,000 continue to be sold.

The National Lottery Scratchcard Expiration Rules

There is no hard and set rule in regards to when National Lottery scratchcards expire, which can make the process slightly more complex and infuriating for players.

Based on the information above, a scratchcard game will remain ‘open’ whilst all the top prizes are remaining, or while there are still scratchcards to be sold. However, once either of these criteria are met, then National Lottery announce a game closure – just head to this page.

This page is only updated a few times a year, and doesn’t always contain historic data. See the table below for some of the scratchcard games that have expired:

Scratchcard NameScratchcard NumberClosure DateLast Date to ClaimStatus
£50 Million Cash Showdown109520/04/202017/10/2020Closed
Cash Vault110720/04/202017/10/2020Closed
£100 Loaded110902/03/202029/08/2020Closed
£100,000 Purple111502/03/202029/08/2020Closed
3 Times Lucky112302/03/202029/08/2020Closed
New Year 2020112514/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Full of £500s112614/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Cash Millions113102/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Win £50113401/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Fruity Fortune113602/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Instant Millionaire113720/04/202017/10/2020Closed
£250,000 Multiplier114020/04/202017/10/2020Closed
Monopoly Jackpot114220/04/202017/10/2020Closed
Blazin' 7s114402/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Money Spinner114602/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Pot of Gold114902/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Bangers 'n' Cash115202/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Triple Payout115302/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Cash Match115501/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Bingo Doubler White115602/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Love Island115702/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Lucky Lines115802/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Holiday Cash115902/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Instant £500116002/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Gold Tripler116102/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Super 7s116202/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Monopoly Millionaire116302/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Dough Me The Money116514/09/202013/03/2021Closed
£100,000 Yellow116614/09/202013/03/2021Closed
£250,000 Birthday116714/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Lucky Numbers116920/04/202017/10/2020Closed
Christmas Advent Calendar 2019117202/03/202029/08/2020Closed
£100,000 Christmas117302/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Lucky Bonus117401/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Christmas Cash117502/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Winter Wonderlines 2019117614/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Merry Millions 2019117702/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Money Kingdom117802/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Bee Lucky117914/09/202013/03/2021Closed
£100,000 Multiplier118001/04/202128/09/2021Closed
£500,000 Red118101/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Hidden Treasures118201/04/202128/09/2021Closed
3 Ways To Win118314/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Monopoly Jackpot118414/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Match 3 Tripler118514/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Money Multiplier118614/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Diamond 7s Doubler118714/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Triple Jackpot118914/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Jewel Bingo Red119002/03/202029/08/2020Closed
Treasure Bingo119114/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Cash 7s119201/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Fruity £500s119301/09/202128/02/2022Closed
MONOPOLY 85th Anniversary119401/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Cashword VIP Black119514/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Bingo Millionaire119601/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Scrabble Cashword119701/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Ruby 7s Doubler119801/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Flamingo Fortune119914/09/202013/03/2021Closed
£2 Million Blue120014/09/202013/03/2021Closed
£50M Mega Cash Showdown120101/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Mega Cashword Pink120201/09/202128/02/2022Closed
£20,000 A Month For A Year120314/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Cash Bolt120401/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Cash Lines120501/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Mega Cashword120601/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Money Spinner120701/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Emerald Doubler120801/04/202128/09/2021Closed
£250,000 Gold120901/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Quids In121001/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Gold 7s121101/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Cash Drop121201/09/202128/02/2022Closed
12 Months Richer121301/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Instant £100121401/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Triple Cashword Purple121501/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Monopoly Gold121601/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Win All121701/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Bingo Green121801/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Temples of Treasure122001/04/202128/09/2021Closed
£300,000 Bonus Purple122114/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Instant Millionaire Purple122214/09/202013/03/2021Closed
Red Hot Bingo122301/09/202128/02/2022Closed
£500,000 Bonus122501/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Spin £100122601/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Lucky Numbers122701/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Festive £500s122801/04/202128/09/2021Closed
£100,000 Pink122901/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Jungle Jackpot123601/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Christmas Advent Calendar123701/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Cash Cracker123901/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Triple Jackpot124101/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Cashword Multiplier124221/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
£20,000 A Month For A Year124401/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Winter Wonderlines124501/04/202128/09/2021Closed
£100,000 Red124621/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
Trivial Pursuit124701/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Cash Grid124901/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Christmas Countdown125001/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Cashword Bonus125101/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Monopoly Riches125301/09/202128/02/2022Closed
£2M Purple125401/04/202128/09/2021Closed
Super 7s125601/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Win £5, £10, £20 Or £50125701/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Monopoly Millionaire125921/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
Jewel Smash126021/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
£250,000 Multiplier Orange126101/09/202128/02/2022Closed
£100,000 A Month For A Year126201/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Money Kingdom126321/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
Cash Vault126501/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Bingo Bonus126621/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
£100 Loaded126801/09/202128/02/2022Closed
£100,000 A Month For A Year Christmas126921/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
Christmas Advent Calendar127221/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
Win Gold127321/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
Cash Tripler127901/09/202128/02/2022Closed
Full Of £500s128021/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
£150,000 A Month For A Year128721/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
It Pud Be You129021/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
£20,000 A Month For A Year Christmas129121/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon
Christmas Lines129321/03/202217/09/2022Closing Soon

Once a scratchcard is announced as closing, then you will typically have 180 days to take it to a shop and claim your winnings.

What To Do With An Expired Scratchcard

If your scratchcard has expired and the game marked as closed, there is no possible way for you to claim any winnings. Any money that you could have claimed will be added to National Lottery’s Good Causes fund to support community and charity projects.

If you take an expired National Lottery scratchcard to the shop to claim any winnings, you will likely be told to contact National Lottery directly for further assistance. There is nothing any shop keepers can do to override this.

Why Do Scratch Cards Expire?

There are several reasons why scratchcards have expiration dates. One is practicality. It would be challenging for National Lottery to manage unclaimed prizes indefinitely. Setting a deadline helps keep the system manageable.

Another reason is to encourage players to check their tickets promptly and claim any winnings, which keeps the game exciting and engaging. The expiration also helps ensure that the funds for unclaimed prizes can be put to good use in the community through the Good Causes fund.

Has My Scratchcard Expired?

If you’ve followed the above steps we’ve mentioned, and you are still unsure (or just lazy), as always, we are happy to help you out. 

Just fill in the contact form below, or simply contact us directly or through our social media page.

While National Lottery scratchcards themselves don’t degrade or lose their scratchability over time, they do indeed have an expiration date in terms of prize claims. It’s essential to check and claim any winnings within the stipulated time frame.

So, if you have a habit of buying scratchcards and tucking them away, it might be time to scratch off those panels and see if you’re a winner – just be sure to do it before your luck expires!

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