Scratchcards are a form of gambling, this means that it is a game of chance.

This game of chance is usually in favour of the operator, such as National Lottery, as they aim to make money for good causes and also to make themselves a profit.

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However, if you enjoy taking the chance of winning a big amount of money, scratchcards can be a fun way of gambling. But you can increase your chances of winning the big prizes available.

In no particular order, here are some top tips and secrets for you to be aware of next time you play scratchcards!

Buy Expensive and Improve your Chances of Winning

Generally speaking, the more expensive the scratchcard is, the more likely you have of winning on the scratchcard.

For example, take these two National Lottery scratchcards – £100,000 Multiplier scratchcard and £50 Million Mega Cash Showdown scratchcard.

The £1 scratchcard has odds of 1 in 5,441,910 of winning to top prize of £100,000, whereas the £5 scratchcard, has odds of winning the top of 1 in 3,348,250.

£100,000 multiplier orange scratchcard

This doesn’t apply to ‘real-life’ scratchcards, but also online scratchcards.

However, this rule doesn’t apply 100% of the time because the number of top prizes available or the low jackpot prize value can affect the overall odds.

Regardless of what scratchcards you are playing, just make sure to check the odds of the games before hand!

Check out the RTP

Ever come across the acronym RTP? If not, it stands for ‘return to player’.

Essentially, this means what share of all scratchcard sales are given back to players, versus what is kept to the game operator.

Sometimes, it isn’t always referred to as RTP, but something else meaning the same thing.

For example, online scratchcard operator Lottomart, refers to RTP simply as ‘payout’. In the below screenshot taken from the Cash Factor 25K example, the payout is 75.01%. That means, for every £100 spent on this scratchcard, £75.01is paid out in prizes, with the remaining £24.99 kept by the operator.

Lottomart online scratchcard payout example screenshot

Even National Lottery demonstrate the RTP for their scratchcards. This is a bit more difficult to find, but is available for all scratchcards. Head over to the scratchcard page, click on the game you want to check out and scan through the small print.

Scroll down to ‘Prize Value in the Game’ section and you will see something like the 20X scratchcard example below:

National Lottery prize value in the game screenshot

Stop Playing Scratchcards with no Jackpot Remaining

Did you know that certain National Lottery rules allow scratchcards with no remaining jackpots to be continued to be sold?

Well, it’s true. Although it only applies to scratchcards with jackpot prizes over £121,000, there will still be instances where shops are allowed to continue selling stock that they have already activated.

To avoid these scratchcards, you have two real options; firstly, check the National Lottery scratchcard page and look through all the remaining jackpots available. This is updated Monday to Friday with the latest information. Secondly, pay attention to the screens in stores, which usually tell you when all the jackpots have been won on certain scratchcards.

But Check out ‘Old’ Scratchcards with Jackpots Remaining

You shouldn’t just check the above National Lottery scratchcard page to find scratchcards to avoid, but also to find opportunities.

If a scratchcard has been out for a few months, but there are still jackpots remaining, you might be able to increase your chances of getting a jackpot.

However, there are two caveats with this, just because there are more jackpots available than usual, doesn’t mean that it’s still available. Somebody could be saving it at home, or even worse, they’ve thrown a winner away.

And even if this isn’t the case, you need to find the scratchcards. As new scratchcards are coming out all the time, your best chance of finding old scratchcards is usually local or independent stores!

Play Online Scratchcards Instead

We can’t deny it, but playing a real scratchcard over an online scratchcard is much more fun.

However, the odds for some of the best online scratchcards are generally much better, which increases your chance of winning more.

The reason for this, is because online scratchcard operators have less costs compared to real scratchcards. They don’t have to print them, don’t have to distribute them and don’t have to pay any commission to retailers. Instead, this saving in expenses is usually passed on to you, the player.

Not only are your odds better, but because all the online scratchcard operators are desperate for you to pick them, they are usually happy to give you lucrative sign up offers too. This could be in the form of a casino deposit bonus which gives you extra money to play casino games – or even straight up no deposit, free scratchcards!

Double Check all ‘losing’ Scratchcards

Just because you think you have lost, doesn’t mean you’re right.

We see instances ALL THE TIME, where people think they’ve won when they haven’t and vice versa.

There are two ways to avoid this happening.

Get a second opinion, either from a friend, or ask us to check your scratchcard win. Or, simply take the scratchcard into the shop and get it scanned by the machine. There is no harm in getting this done as it takes two seconds!

We see issues like this all the time, particularly with difficult or confusing games. In fact we even write separate ‘how to play’ articles, just like this ‘how to play Cashword Bonus scratchcard‘ article.

Set a Budget

Don’t get sucked in to spending more than you would normally do.

This is a common issue when you hit a winning or losing streak. If you get on a streak that is ‘luckier’ than expected, don’t expect it to continue. Similarly, if you win a big prize, try not to get too tempted to spend all your winnings in one go.

This goes for losing streaks; if you haven’t won in a while, don’t expect buying more scratchcards will result in eventually winning more money back.

Ultimately, don’t spend more money than you can afford to lose.