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At Scratchcard Winners, it’s always great to see big winners, even more so when the winner goes public with their own winner!

This time, the lucky winners pocketed a cool £250,000 from just a £2 scratchcard spend, read on to find out which was the lucky scratchcard!

250,000 multiplier scratchcard jackpot winners

The lucky couple Lee and Lea Rose from Epsom, Surrey, won after cashing in a previous £4 scratchcard win at her local Co-op in Ewell.

After deciding to visit the store just to buy some salad, she treated herself to a £250,000 Mutiplier scratchcard.

250,000 scratchcard jackpot winners

After getting home Lea said to Lee, “I don’t know why we do these things, we never win.”

She then scratched off the symbols and handed the scratchcard over to Lee to check what she was seeing was correct.

Lee is quoted as saying: “When Lea handed me the scratchcard to look at, I was convinced at first it was one of those joke one and she was playing a prank on me. But when I saw the look on her face, I knew it must be real.”

They soon called Camelot to confirm their winning scratchcard, before hiding the £250,000 winning scratchcard under their bed for safe keeping!

The couple, who have 6 children between them, have already splashed out on a new car, whilst Lee plans on moving from his existing job as a tyre fitter to become a business owner!

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