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Incredibly, this is the second article of the day about a scratchcard jackpot winner – see the other story here.

And, unbelievably, it is the same scratchcard as the first story, the £50 Mega Cash Showdown scratchcard.

This time, it is mother of 4, Debbie Goolding from Aldershot who won the massive prize after purchasing her winner from her local Tesco store.

debbie goolding scratchcard jackpot winner

Needing to buy a birthday card for friend, Debbie wanted to go to the local shop to pick one, however, her husband Joseph, persuaded her to go to the lucky Tesco store – on the other side of town – as he wanted to try out his new car.

Debbie said:

“I’m so pleased that Joseph convinced me to go to the supermarket, it must be fate.

“If he hadn’t then we wouldn’t be celebrating now!

“I bought a different scratchcard to put inside the birthday card, but when I spotted the £50M Mega Cash Showdown scratchcard, I decided to treat myself to that one.

“I went back to the car, wrote out the birthday card, popped the other scratchcard in it and we dropped it off to the birthday boy before heading home.

“By the time we got home my ribs were aching so I had a long hot bath, got into my comfy PJs and was about to settle down with Joseph for a film when I remembered my scratchcard.


After believing she had won, her and her husband when to the kitchen to check the scratchcard properly.

“As soon as the lady from Camelot confirmed we had won, Joseph and our youngest son just let out whoops of joy, the whole street must have heard us.

“It was a whirlwind of excitement as we were calling our two older children and the family to share the good news.

“The only tricky bit was getting people to believe us, they all thought we were winding them up and my laughing face emoji was completely worn out by the end of the evening!”

Of the 6 initial jackpots available on this scratchcard, there are just 2 remaining scratchcard jackpots in circulation. You could be the next lucky winner, but more importantly, get featured on our website!

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