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After a couple of £1,000,000 scratchcard jackpot winners in the last month, another public jackpot winner has come forward in quick succession.

This is the story of 29 year old Kirsty Pippard, from Bridgwater, Somerset.

The story starts when Kirsty decided to buy a scratchcard to celebrate her husband’s birthday. Not content with just one, she bought a second to keep for herself.

The winning scratchcard that she decided to purchase, was the £3 Cash Lines scratchcard.

Kirsty said,

“I honestly can’t believe how lucky we’ve been.

“We were a little bit short of money, so I intended on buying Robert a scratchcard for his birthday until I got paid again.

“I bought us both one and took it home. His scratchcard wasn’t a winner, but mine was”.

And after claiming her win, she didn’t hang around to spend it.

“Everything still seems strange and new but is, of course, very welcome after such a tough couple of months. We had been planning on moving in with my mum, so we could save for a deposit, so this win is brilliant.

“Our new house, which we hope to move into very soon, is a dream come true.

“I can’t wait to move into our new family home. It’s just what we wanted – a room for each of our children and a spare for my mum or mother-in-law to stay.

“It will be lovely to have a first home to call our own. We have the security of knowing that this is our home and no-one can take that away from us.

“It really does feel like a blessing to have this win at the end of a really hard couple of months, in terms of work.

“It has been such an effort trying to keep our home life together while remaining strong at work throughout a 12 hour shift.

I just hope her husband is okay that he got the losing scratchcard!

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