Some people like to study form or strategy and spend their time maximizing their chances of success within a game, while others would rather just play a game where there’s very little skill impact, and they can simply try their luck. Both types of games have their merits, and in the world of casino gaming, they are referred to as either games of skill or games of luck. 

A game of skill is one where players can try to influence the outcome or make strategic decisions, such as poker, where players have the chance to choose their strategy and whether they’re going to bluff, whether they are going to play it safer, or whether they are going to take chances. Reading the other players can also help and be considered a skill, randomness and chance still play a part, nobody knows what cards are going to fall and who is going to be in the strongest position.

What is a Game of Chance?

Games of chance are those that just involve luck and usually luck alone. No one player has a better chance than another at the start. In the world of online casino gaming, there are plenty of games that don’t need any skill besides a rough understanding of what the game entails.

Games of chance have continued to grow and more are being released all the time with creative platforms like Bitcoin casino brands. “Crash” is a game that has grown massively due to the fact that Bitcoin and crypto casinos are popular, and this is a style of game that involves trying to track a graphic representing an imaginary stock market, with players trying to cash out before the market “crashes”. Players do have an input but there is no real skill being used as it is a game determined randomly.


Again, slots are not something that players can really have any influence over unless there are some mini-games within that involve skill or choice. Slot games generally just have a simple interface and are determined by a random number generator, so that each player has a fair chance and what happens in the game is simply down to luck. 

Different slot games have different mechanics and features of course, and the choice is huge, some may allow players to practice their different tolerance to risk and choose different rewards but this is not a skill per se.


Scratchcards are being released all the time and can be played both digitally and in-person as players can buy and physically scratch the cards off from many different locations such as newsagents and petrol stations.

Winning cards are out there, but only so many, and the randomness simply comes from when you buy your ticket and whether you happen to be allocated one with a prize or not, there’s no skill to choosing.

Lotto Games

Lotto games first became popular in Europe in the 16th and 17th centuries and are still played to this day, both digitally and in person. A lotto simply involves random numbers being generated or drawn and seeing whether players have matched. One particular appeal of the game comes from the fact some lottery games have huge numbers of players and sometimes there can be very alluring jackpots on offer.


Keno is an ancient Chinese game that could be seen as one of the origins of lotto games, as Keno involves choosing numbers and then seeing whether they are drawn randomly from a pot or machine (or a digital representation of one).

Players can choose their numbers so they may wish to play with their favorite set of digits on the game, a bit like the way people often have the same lotto numbers.

Keno spread to the US in the 1800s and now has become a mainstay of certain casinos online, that provide regular games for players to get involved with. 


Roulette is one of the best-known games of chance in the world, and you can physically see the random element taking place in front of you if you have a go. The ball is placed on a spinning wheel and where it lands determines the outcome.

Players choose their bets, so they can either back a specific number or choose ranges of numbers or the color of the number that is landed on. The odds vary depending on which of the bets players opt for, and choosing a specific number can give much longer odds (as players would expect). 

Roulette is a casino mainstay that has been played for hundreds of years, and it is another game with roots in Europe, probably first being played in Italy. 

Chance games are appealing to those who don’t want to think too much, or just want to pick numbers in the game and watch things unfold. 


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