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The 2018 edition scratchcardWe’re only at the end of August, but National Lottery have announced that the first Christmas scratchcard – ‘Christmas Advent Calendar’ will be released on 2nd September 2019 – see more details here!

Although this seems early to release Christmas themed games, it coincides with the release date we saw last year, with the previous version of this game released in September 2018.

christmas advent calendar scratchcard
Christmas Advent Calendar Scratchcard 2018
2018 Christmas Scratchcard

Will there be more Christmas Scratchcards?

Yes, there has been at least one more confirmed scratchcard.

On 30th September, an additional Christmas scratchcard – ‘Christmas Cash’ will be released, as long with another confirmed game – ‘3 Ways to Win’.

For 2018, a total of 5 Christmas scratchcards were released, in September and October 2018, the additional scratchcards were the ‘Snow Me the Money’, ‘Winter Wonderlines’, ‘Christmas Countdown’ and ‘Merry Millions’ scratchcards.

merry millions scratchcard
christmas countdown 2018 scratchcard

Expect us to update you on the 2nd and 30th of September, with full details of the new Christmas scratchcards, and of course, any other games that come out!

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