Here’s a somewhat bizarre story that has made its way into the press today.

A 69 year old Great-Grandmother, Cathy Cutts, from Mexborough in South Yorkshire, purchased one of the new Triple Cashword Bonus scratchcards as part of her £15-a-week scratchcard habit.

Upon closer inspection, she realised that the scratchcard had a hidden insult for her!

As part of the new gameplay on this scratchcard, 4 letters are circled on the game. If you reveal one of them as part of a complete word, you triple your winnings.


Rather hysterically, the 4 letters on this scratchcard (alphabetically) were “C N T U”.

Cathy then contacted National Lottery and made them aware of the incident, to which a spokesperson for National Lottery apologised and said:

We’d like to assure the player the letters are chosen entirely at random and this is an unfortunate but completely unintended outcome

National Lottery Spokesperson

Luckily for National Lottery, Cathy claims she has been called worse!

Unfortunatley for Cathy, the scratchcard wasn’t a winner, but she plans on framing the scratchcard on her wall!

I must admit, it’s quite a funny story, but I’m shocked it’s made its way to National Media!