A few weeks ago, we noticed something strange on National Lottery’s scratchcard page.

The Monopoly Man, who has been a feature on many different scratchcards over the year was removed from the scratchcard picture on the above page.

What is even weirder, is that the scratchcard in question is all but finished being sold.

This is because all the jackpot prizes had be claimed, so as per National Lottery rules, the remaining scratchcards are pulled from sale.

​Check it out below:

monopoly scratchcard

So you’ve seen the original image above of the scratchcard you are probably familiar with.

​This is how it now looks on the National Lottery website:

monopoly plain scratchcard

There, completely missing from the middle of the scratchcard, with a blank space instead!

Now if we look at other Monopoly scratchcards we’ve had over the last couple of years, they all feature the Monopoly man.

1 million monopoly pink scratchcard
monopoly millionaire scratchcard
£100,000 monopoly second chance scratchcard
£1 million monopoly green scratchcard
monopoly millionaire 2019 scratchcard

So what’s the issue?

Well, we looked into it, and we think we know why.

A recent investigation by the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) decided that an advert featured on Mirror Online using the Monopoly Man image breached its code.

The code it is referring to is that gambling ads should not appeal to the young, i.e. children.

This means that National Lottery probably found out about this, and decided to remove the Monopoly Man from its scratchcard.

Right now, there is only one other Monopoly scratchcard on sale, apart from the one mentioned at the start of this article. You can see it below:

monopoly jackpot scratchcard

Notice, there is not one Monopoly Man to be seen!

It looks like we may never see another scratchcard featuring the Monopoly Man again!

And, I’ve only just found this out myself, but The Monopoly Man is indeed called “Rich Uncle Pennybags”!

​You learn something new everyday!