The Cashword Scratchcard saga seems to just keep on going.

After a rude word was revealed on the Triple Cashword Blue scratchcard, that led to all cashword scratchcards being removed from sale.

In fact, National Lottery have admitted to destroying almost 24 million Triple Cashword Blue scratchcards, and almost 7 million of the remaining cashword scratchcards!

After National Lottery previously ignored claims from the insulted victim, it wasn’t until the story was published in The Sun that they took action.

Since then, The Sun has suggested that other words that have been spelt out on the games included s***, f*** and t***.

We can’t help thinking they’ve seen a certain picture we’ve posted on this page before…

cashword bonus scratchcard swearword

Since we posted that, we’ve even seen this incredible word on the Cashword Bonus Yellow scratchcard below!

fucking cashword scratchcard

So not only has The National Lottery been forced to react to these stories, they’ve also had to spend money to fix the problem and lost out in millions in sales!

They’ve also decided to give away 5 free £2 scratchcards to the initial victim!

She received 5 of the £250,000 Green scratchcards were she won just​ a fiver.

So, here’s what to do for 5 free scratchcards:

  1. Complain about a stupid issue
  2. Contact The Sun playing the victim card
  3. Ruin the Cashword scratchcards for everybody
  4. Get 5 free scratchcards, and make a a fiver…