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I know there are a long of scratchcard cynics out there, that believe that big scratchcard prizes don’t exist.

And it doesn’t help when there are few big winners that decide to go public.

However, today we bring you the story of a guy from Ealing, who won the £100,000 jackpot on the £100K Money Spinner Scratchcard.

money spinner scratchcard

The Money Spinner scratchcard in question, has been out a while now, in fact, it was first released in December 2018!

But David Knowles, 37, from Ealing was the man lucky enough to call himself a jackpot winner!

After popping to the shops to buy some milk, he also decided to add a scratchcard to his purchase.

david knowles scratchcard jackpot winner

After taking it home, he revealed 3 ruby symbols in main game area, bagging himself a massive £100,000!

David plans to spend his Money on trips to see Spurs at their new stadium, as well as a possible trip to Japan next year to see the rugby world cup!

The winning scratchcard was purchased from Haven News, near Ealing Broadway station – maybe a lucky shop to try for our London based fans?

After this winner was claimed, there are still 2 of the original 5 £100,000 jackpots available to win.

However, it’s almost criminal that a £5 scratchcard has a jackpot of just £100,000! Some of the other £5 games have a £1 MILLION prize.

​Better luck next time David?

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