​We’ve written too much about the problems with the Triple Cashword Blue scratchcard which led to this and 2 additional cashword scratchcards being removed from sale.

But over the last week, we’ve seen a few worrying signs that one of the new scratchcards from April could be next to be removed from sale.


The scratchcard in question is the new Instant £500 scratchcard.

​As part of the 2nd bonus game (top right hand side of the scratchcard), you need to reveal a ‘bar’ symbol to win the prize. The rules from National Lottery are displayed below:

fast 500 scratchcard extra bonus game rules

And if you don’t reveal a winning symbol, you will instead reveal one of the other symbols displayed below:

Note that the second symbol from the left on the top row, is a silver bar icon.

Now, if you look at both and compare them, it is clearly obvious that the symbols are different.

But the thing is, you don’t get to see both symbols at the same time.

Yeah, but so what?

Whilst we see that the symbols are similar, there are 2 obvious differences; the symbols are different ways round, and the ‘win’ symbol does not have any writing on it.

Although it’s obvious to us, we know that many players don’t fully understand how to play scratchcards at all times.

In fact, we had to write a players guide when the Cashword Bonus Yellow scratchcard was released.


Is it really an issue?

Whilst the last thing we want to see, is a scratchcard removed from sale. 

But anything can happen if the National press find out about it…

We’ve seen the following signs this could prove an issue:

The above tweet was acknowledged by National Lottery and a reply referred to the above rules.

However, also this week, we have had a direct message to our facebook page, as well as a post on our page asking for assistance.

Hopefully, these are a few isolated incidents, and this will be a non-story, but please don’t go and mention this to the press…