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I’m not going to lie, I was glad to find this story, with the hope of sharing a scratchcard jackpot story with you all!

However, my joy was short lived when I read the full story, but it’s worth a read nonetheless.

​Read on to find out the story of the Hereford Music star!

hereford scratchcard jackpot winner

The lucky scratchcard winner is Stephen Powell from Hereford.

The story starts when he won a jackpot on a £2 scratchcard that was given to him as a birthday gift from work colleagues.

The thing is, he only won £100…

After initially mistaking the win for just £2, he left it in his wallet for months before going to claim his winnings.

Upon cashing it in, he soon realised that he was actually 50 times richer than he thought.To celebrate his win, he went to his local music store and bought a guitar.

​Stephen said quoted as saying;

“I thought I had only won £2 and it stayed in my wallet for months before I went to get another one. It transpired that I’d actually won £100 and I went straight to Music Plus and bough a new guitar.” 

Stephen Powell, Scratchcard Winner

After purchasing his new instrument, Stephen went out and recorded a music video for his own songs, using his own mobile and computer.

So, obviously, we went and found his youtube channel, and you can see his latest release below:

So, not only has Stephen managed to launch his new music career, he’s even been lucky enough to be featured on our site.

​Not bad for a £100 jackpot win, right?!

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