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Winning a scratchcard jackpot is what we all dream of.

In April 2014, Jack Tanbini was just 18 when he won £100,000 after purchasing a £1 £100,000 Purple scratchcard.

jack tanbini scratchcard jackpot winner

He initially purchased the scratchcard after making a delivery to a local store in Dundee and trying to purchase some crisps. After the shopkeeper refused payment due to his help, he instead spent it on the lucky scratchcard.

But there story hasn’t turned out so well 5 years later…

Recently, Tanbini, who is now 23, was recently arrested by Police for dangerous driving.

After driving on the wrong side of the road, mounting a kerb and overtaking, Police pulled him over and found a more incriminating offence, when he had £1000 of cannabis in his possession.

After being charged for the above offences, as well as failing to stop and driving without insurance, he was handed a 21 month ban, £450 fine and 250 hours of unpaid work.

It also turns out that he has wasted his fortune, with only £2000 of his initial winnings left.

The morale of the story; don’t be an idiot. Save your money, spend it wisely and don’t go and get arrested!

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