2019 marks the 25th anniversary of National Lottery being run by everyone’s favourite Canadian Pension Fund – Camelot.

Since first being granted the license in 1994, they were re-granted the licence again in 2001 and then 2007. With their current licence up for review in 2023, it is likely they might not make their 30th anniversary in charge, so this could be the last big birthday edition they celebrate!

However, to do so, they have announced a range of National Lottery games to celebrate the 25 year occasion!

£300,000 Blue Scratchcard

The above scratchcard is a one-off planned scratchcard launch, which was first announced and released on Friday 8th August.

The new £2 scratchcard is an extended version of the standard £250,000 multiplier scratchcards that are always out in one colour or another.

This time, there is an extended bonus game at the bottom of the scratchcard, which makes it look more like one of the £3 scratchcards.

Rather fittingly, there are plenty of £25 prizes to be won, and therefore makes this scratchcard your best chances of winning £25, of all the current scratchcards on sale.

Don’t get your hopes up though; odds of finding a £25 prize are at a premium, with one in approximately every 450 scratchcards paying out the prize.

Other than that, there are 12 jackpots of £250,000 to be won, but odds are an approximate 1 in 6 million!

Second prize is massively reduced from normal cards, at a somewhat meagre £5,000 – there are 10 of these prizes to be won!

As well as the one-off scratchcard, Greg Deacon, Head of National Lottery Field Sales said:

“The celebrations start with a special 25th birthday Scratchcard, which launches on 8th August and gives players the best chance of winning £25 on a National Lottery Scratchcard. In addition, in November, Lotto will have an exciting £25 million Must Be Won jackpot draw and Euromillions will make an amazing 25 guaranteed UK millionaires. Watch this space for further details!”

Greg Deacon, National Lottery

Considering the 25 year birthday, it seems that the scratchcard and two additional events are all that will be happening to celebrate – neither are particularly ground breaking!

As soon as we hear any more info, we’ll be sure to update you!

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