After all the recent events with the Triple Cashword Blue scratchcard, further developments have meant that we could soon see a shortage in £3 scratchcards!

bingo doubler white scratchcard

If you don’t follow us on facebook or instagram, you are probably unaware of the background to this story.

On the 2nd May, a story was published in The Sun about a woman who revealed a rude 4 letter word on one of the new Triple Cashword Blue scratchcards. 

You can read the story of the gran insulted by scratchcard.

A couple of days later, the decision to pull the scratchcard from sale was then made. After being contacted on twitter, National Lottery then said that they would re-issue the old cashword scratchcard.

national lottery twitter screenshot

However, the latest update from National Lottery states that all cashword scratchcards are to be removed from sale.

triple cashword notice screenshot

Whilst there have been no other reported instances to the issue above, we have seen similar instances from followers on our facebook page:

With all the Cashword scratchcards no longer in circulation, this just leaves £3 scratchcards such as the Bingo Doubler White, Cash Vault and Gold Fever scratchcards.

​No news on what scratchcards will come out to replace them, but expect to see updates from us when we have more news!