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Recently, there has been lots of scratchcard news in the national UK tabloids. 

Some of the articles include the story of the ‘stolen’ £4 million Red scratchcard and the death of Melissa Ede, the famous Hull taxi driver who won £4 Million on a £10 scratchcard a few years ago. 

Most famously, the article we’ve mentioned THOUSANDS of time now, include the removal of the Triple Cashword Scratchcard after its printing error.

But this next story featured below, is ridiculous; how is this even newsworthy?!

Here’s the headline as published by the Daily Mirror:

​Mum says Tesco refused to sell Lotto scratchcard after ‘daughter, 2, picked it’

I think the story is self explanatory, but here’s the highlight in bullet point form:

  • Woman goes to buy a scratchcard in Tesco
  • As she goes to buy it, her 2 year old daughter shouts ‘7’ after seeing the numbers on the scratchcards
  • Cashier refuses to sell the scratchcard to the customer
  • Asks for another scratchcard, is also denied scratchcard without the number 7 on it
  • After she is refused again, she asks to speak to the manager
  • Eventually after 10 minutes, the manager approves the scratchcard sale

If you think this article sounds thrilling and you want to read more (doubt it), the full published story can be found here.

Stories like this are ridiculous and based on no real facts. They only damage the reputation of scratchcards and means we’re more likely to see scratchcards pulled from sale in the future!

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