G Games

Glück Games, also known as Gamevy, is a prominent developer of ‘casual-real money games’ based in Gibraltar and Berlin. The company specializes in creating high-quality games and back-end products for online lottery and casino markets, with a particular focus on instant win games, mobile gaming, instant lotto games, and interactive scratchcards​​.

Glück Games has a unique approach compared to other companies in the industry. Rather than focusing primarily on video slot machines, Glück Games is renowned for crafting unique lottery and bingo games, scratchcards, and other types of interactive real-money games. Their innovative scratchcards, for instance, are part of their core product offerings that have garnered significant popularity among players​​.

The company’s games are designed with impressive graphics, smooth animations, and an evident sense of humor, as seen in the quirky names of some of their games like “Vomiting Unicorns” or “Psycho Candies”. These creative games can be found in many online casinos worldwide, particularly in the United Kingdom, Germany, Austria, and throughout Europe. Thanks to their partnership with Novomatic, a well-established Australian gaming provider, Glück Games’ offerings are also popular among Australian casino players​.

Moreover, Glück Games has robust partnerships with other game design studios and several online casino operators, resulting in its games being featured in various platforms’ offerings.